While essential oil has been seen to gain popularity, you will at some point have to choose single essential oil to incorporate into your daily life to concoct personalized blends and remedies for various ailments. Of many alternatives, Pure Lavender Essential Oil should be the one, as it is the most versatile and popular essential oil, usually used in aromatherapy. 

On the other hand, it might seem like a convenient way to treat a persistent headache or common cold, but the big issue comes when you have to tell if the essential oil you are yet to buy is a fraud or pure. Here are some of the methods you’d apply to determine the quality of essential oil and be safe.

  • Pure Essential Oils Are Usually Stored In Dark Amber Glass Bottles.

When looking for a reliable essential oil supplier, remember where and how the essential oils are stored. They are always sold in dark-colored glass containers— the best type of containers to store essential oils are usually dark blue or amber since they can protect the essential oils from ultraviolet rays, which might degrade the essential oils in the long run. If stored in plastic containers, they are not Pure Lavender Oil because as soon as the pure essential oils come into contact with plastics, the plastic starts to break down before long. 

  • Pure Essential Oils Do Not Leave Any Residue On The Paper.

The easiest way to tell if an essential oil is pure or fraudulent is to conduct a ring test on a white strip of paper. Shops selling essential oils will carry scent strips for their clients when sniffing essential oils. Take advantage of these scent strips by dropping one drop of essential oil onto the surface and leaving it to dry. If you see a visible ring of residue after the essential oil has dried, you should know that the oil has been diluted with a carrier oil. Concerning its volatile nature, pure essential oils don’t leave a residue when it dries.

  • Pure Essential Oils Contain Zero Artificial Substances.

Many places market perfumes or fragrances as pure essential oils to unsuspecting customers. What differentiates the two is the presence of artificial substances. Pure essential oils don’t contain additional diluents. For this reason, they are considered not pure if any form of synthetics is found in them. On the other hand, perfumed oil or fragrance contains artificial alcohol and synthetics. They are relatively cheaper than essential oils, and they definitely won’t bring any therapeutic benefits as pure essential oils would. 

Ways To Incorporate Lavender Oil Into Your Daily Life

Pure lavender essential oil is known for its seemingly endless uses as an emollient, analgesic,  antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. However, it’s always essential to be safe since essential oil might affect human chemistry. therefore, not safe for use by children, and here are safe ways to incorporate it;

  • Calming

Rub 3 drops of lavender oil in your cupped palms—use deep inhalations to draw the scent into your amygdala gland, the emotional warehouse in your brain, to calm your mind. Then, rub your temples, feet,  wrists, or anywhere to immediately calm the whole body. It is also safe to carve out your oasis in crowded areas like subways or planes.

  • Nausea Or Motion Sickness

Place a drop of pure essential lavender oil on the end of your tongue,  around the navel, or behind the ears to alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness.

  • Minor Burn

Put 2 or 3 drops of pure essential lavender oil on a minor burn to alleviate the pain. For example, when you accidentally spill scorching hot tea on your hand, lavender can benefit greatly. You’ll see no redness,   pain, swelling, and no sign of a burn. 

  • Sleep Aid

Use the cupping and inhalation method— rub lavender oil on your palms and smooth your pillow to help you sleep;  it calms anxiety and improves sleep. 

  • Dandruff

Mix upto 15 drops of lavender oil with a few tablespoons of olive oil. Wet your hair with warm water, then dry it with a towel. Massage the oil into your scalp. Let the lavender perform its magic for about an hour. You can cover your hair with a shower cap. Wash the oil out of your hair, then repeat the process every few days as much as you need.


Sourcing an excellent essential oil can be daunting once you’ve mastered distinguishing pure from fraud. It’s more effective to have a little research to know where and how the oil is being extracted. However, with Pure Lavender Essential Oil, you’ll be sure you are using a pure essential oil that’s top-quality.