Video chatting has become a very popular mode of communication in this decade. The aura of video chatting is now exceeding the text messaging and other modes of communication. It is believed that video chatting will outline the other social media platform and it will become a new revolutionary mode of communication in the near future.

The internet users these days have started preferring video chatting, face times, etc over the traditional voice calling. Video chatting has become an essential and entertaining mode of communication handling the large traffic of users on these applications. The trend of video chats has increased largely among the youth, whereas the elderly still prefer traditional modes of calling and communication.

The trend of Video Chatting

The past few years have witnessed the rise of video chatting applications and streaming services. Every month a new video chatting app is launched, and every day these applications undergo regular developments and updates to improve the user experience. There are various popular names in the market like Facetime, Zoom, Google Meets, Google Duo, etc. Even social networking apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, am, and Facebook comes with an inbuilt video chatting feature.

If you look around you will see that video chatting and conferencing services has become a vital part in our daily lives and it doesn’t matter if the field is education or business, the impact of video chatting has seen equally everywhere.

The users are very happy and satisfied with the video calling facility that they prefer it over text messaging or voice calls.

There are so many video chat sites and top live cam sites present on the internet where we can date random people or which either lets you talk to the people you know or match you up with the strangers as well to have a virtual date or just meet new people.

The video chatting services are no more limited to friends or family, but they have exceeded beyond that. Many business conferences are held online, online education, and many more. Many companies often conduct online interviews for hiring employees or interns. Therefore, these apps are gaining wide popularity among the masses and are preferred by many users. It is not hidden that very soon video chatting applications are going to dominate the social markets.

Few reasons owing to the greater popularity of these apps are:

1. Effective Communication: Usually talking on voice calls or messages is open to miscommunications and misunderstandings. This is because a person can misinterpret your words or tone on a simple phone call or text since he or she cannot see your face. You find it difficult to judge someone or the tone of voice if you cannot see them. It is believed that communication can only be effective when we can exactly perceive what another person is saying and can respond effectively so that another party understand you completely.

Video chat can easily tackle this problem and so, are high in demand due to the exact portrayal of emotions. You can observe a person while he is talking to you, you can see through his or her gestures, expressions and body language. Thus, chances of miscommunication and misunderstandings are reduced making it comfortable to communicate. Thus, your experience does not turn bizarre and you can feel positive of the person talking to you.

2.    Interaction and Participation: Many people can join the video chat at the same time on a single platform. This provides more participation and increases the interaction among the different people. They no longer support 3-4 people but have expanded and you can connect more than 20 people as on Zoom, Google meets, etc. Even the new update in WhatsApp allows 8 people at a time to join video conferencing.

So, all of you can join at the same time and interact with each other. Everyone out of you will have some new stories to tell and enjoy the company. These days we can see the use of video conferencing apps for conducting online meetings, online classes or other events, etc.

3. Distance does not matter: Long gone is the time when you see your friends or family after years if you are separated from them. Many students study abroad and fail to physically meet there parents and family for years, there are your friends who are residing far away or you are married and away from your house but that does not restrict your communication with them. You can facetime them anytime, video call them and talk to them. You can share your feelings and talk face to face even though you are separated by the miles of distance.

It becomes easier to stay in touch with your family, friends and associates. Video calling reduces the void in your life and connects you with your near and dear ones.

4. Multipurpose Benefits: Video Calling has many benefits and uses and is pacing its place in the market. Video chatting is not only used for talking to friends or family but rather it has developed into something entirely new and beneficial. Colleges and schools conduct online classes, business firms hold essential meetings or conferences on video calls, online poetry events are also held on Zoom or Google Meets, etc.

5. Time Saver: Video chatting applications serve as the protector of our purse and time. You don’t need to struggle to reach your office or designated location on time and you are saved from the usual hustle. All you need is a good internet connection, reputable device and just plug in to connect to your important clients or employees. It saves a lot of extra time and money and helps you plan efficiently being flexible with your schedule.

Many other reasons justify the popularity of video chatting applications. The time is not far away when video calls will surpass the number of voice calls soon.