We put every effort to make our marriage lifelong and that is the reason why we look for best astrologers to get the fine match for us. Where I will meet my spouse astrology based predictions is also a part of it. But unfortunately there are marriages that are meant to end at a dead note. Divorce is the ultimate solution for this kind of marriages. Divorce can cause many misunderstandings. Many people want to protect their assets for as long as possible. Many people try to hide them, only to get caught later and lose credibility with the judge. But the most valuable wealth comes from the one you inherited from friends, family members or other family members. Assets associated with an inheritance usually have sentimental value, so people fight for their inheritance to the end. If you want to secure your inheritance, you may need to engage a Massachusetts divorce lawyer. This is especially important when an attorney represents the other party, as they may benefit from your ignorance of the law.

How the division of the property and other assets take place during the divorce 
When a married couple in Massachusetts is divorced, all of their joint property is divided between the two. The court will use the equitable method of distribution instead of equal. Remember that only marital property refers to property that you both share. Assets you and your spouse own separately are not considered part of marital property.

Can we count the inherited property as marital property?
It depends on several aspects. The general rule is that any property acquired after marriage will be classified as marital property. According to this reasoning, any inheritance received during the marriage also constitutes marital property, although it is not. Whatever happens to the inheritance before or after marriage is always yours. It is not subject to court division and is conducted differently.

What are the exceptional cases where inherited property is considered marital property?
Every divorce is unique, and that is why it is so important to hire an attorney who is familiar with property division law. Inheritance is generally considered a separate property. However, there are exceptions.

  1. If the estate is awarded to you and your spouse and your spouse is entitled to it, then you have an interest in it. This means that the property is considered marital property. In some cases, the inheritance belongs to only one of the spouses, but it becomes the joint property of the spouses.
  1. If your inheritance was entered into a joint account, you and your spouse, the court will probably treat it as marital property.

Tips for maintaining your inheritance safe and private while taking a divorce?

  1. Keep the inheritance funds in another account not owned by both of you.
  1. Consider offering your spouse something in return for keeping the inheritance.
  1. Discuss strategies with your lawyer.
  1. Don’t try to hide your heritage. It could only make things better.