Nigel Munt is a senior superannuation and insurance claim lawyer with Aussie Injury Lawyers who supports his clients with informed legal advice in Superannuation, Insurance and TPD Claims. in 1994, and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree of law-LLB at Queensland University of Technology. He then started to practice compensation law and Superannuation & TPD Claims. It equipped him with experience, and he’s assisted hundreds of clients in maximising their entitlements. Competition law has always been Nigel’s first choice as his legal area of practice. Although each injury claim differs according to the specific facts and circumstances surrounding each incident, they all go through similar steps, which Nigel can help you all along the process.

  • Initial Consultation

First, Nigel Munt will meet with you to discuss the circumstances of your injury claims and address any concerns you may have, then provide you with an assessment of your injury claims and advise on how best to proceed based on your specific needs.

  • Investigation

After consultation, the investigation begins to compile the facts and circumstances of your injury claim. The investigation process involves evidence collection, from visiting the scene of an accident to identifying all possible parties at fault and ordering medical bills and records associated with treatment for injuries sustained in the accident.

  • Treatment

While an investigation is taking place and setting up insurance claims, you should focus on recovering from injuries sustained by accident. You must follow doctors’ prescriptions to make a full recovery and reach maximum medical improvement. Ensure you keep a journal of the medical providers seen, out-of-pocket expenses incurred and the dates to make it easy to account for possible damages you may be entitled to and include them in your Demand.

  • Demand Package

The Demand Package tells the story of your injury claim, from how the accident occurred to the theory of liability and Demand for settlement. Once done, the attorney reviews the Demand with you to ensure it is complete and then sent to the insurance carrier for the party at fault for your injuries, who review the Demand and evaluate the value of your claims.

  • Negotiations

The Demand Package sent to the insurance carrier will normally respond with an offer for settlement. Your lawyer will then notify you of when an offer for settlement is received and discuss with you the different options based on knowledge and experience. However, you have the will to accept their offer, make a counter-demand, or file a lawsuit. 

  • Settlement

A settlement agreement is prepared to outline the settlement terms if you can negotiate a settlement with the insurance that completely and adequately compensates you. Before settling for an agreement, your lawyer will prepare a Settlement Memo for your review that shows how the settlement proceeds will be disbursed. 

  • Litigation

In case negotiations with the at-fault party stall and it becomes hard to come to a settlement agreement, the next step is to file a lawsuit, present your claim for injuries to a jury, and obtain a verdict against those responsible for your injuries.


After being involved in an accident, it always gets hard to start from finding a lawyer to getting competition. However, working with Nigel Munt assures your commitment to getting the results you deserve. With years of experience, he has developed a reputation for the relentless pursuit of clients’ legal entitlements, combined with compassion, honesty and integrity to successfully take you through the process.