Christmas is a special time of year, and Rome is a magnificent city to visit around the holidays. There are plenty of great Christmas markets in Rome, each offering unique festive experiences for locals and tourists alike. From traditional Italian gifts and decorations to local fares like panettone and vin brulé, these markets will surely capture the holiday spirit. Here’s our list of the top 8 best Christmas markets in Rome that you must check out this season!

1. Piazza Navona Christmas Market

Piazza Navona is one of Rome’s most famous squares, and its Christmas market makes it even more magical. Here you can find all the traditional Italian gifts, decorations, and goodies that make the holidays special. Enjoy a hot chocolate or cup of vin brulé while admiring the beautiful sights of this ancient piazza!

2. Campo dei Fiori Christmas Market

The Campo dei Fiori Christmas market is a great spot to find traditional Italian gifts and decorations. Here you can browse through stalls of handmade jewelry, wooden toys, nativity scenes, and much more. Sample some delicious local fare like panettone and torrone while you shop!

3. San Giovanni Market

The San Giovanni market is held in the charming Trastevere neighborhood of Rome, one of the most popular markets in town. Here you will find an array of vendors selling everything from hand-crafted jewelry to locally made Christmas decorations. That is also a great place to pick up unique gifts for friends and family!

4. Porta Portese Market

One of Rome’s oldest markets, Porta Portese is the perfect spot to pick up some unique holiday gifts. Here you’ll find vintage and antique items, handmade jewelry, and traditional Italian Christmas decorations. This market is held on Sundays, so check out if you’re in town!

5. Ponte Sisto Market

The Ponte Sisto market is a great place to shop for traditional Christmas decorations, such as nativity scenes and colorful garlands. It’s also a great spot for picking up locally-made jewelry and other artisanal gifts. Sample some delicious regional delicacies while you browse through this festive market!

6. Largo di Torre Argentina Market

Largo di Torre Argentina has been hosting Christmas markets for many years, and this year is no different. Here you can find an array of traditional Italian gifts, from handmade jewelry to nativity scenes. Enjoy a cup of vin brulé while you stroll through the stalls of this charming market!

7. Via del Corso Christmas Market

This vibrant market is located in the heart of Rome’s historic center and is the perfect place to pick up some unique holiday gifts. From handmade jewelry to traditional Italian nativity scenes and decorations, there’s something here for everyone!

8. Porta San Sebastiano Market

This festive market is held near one of Rome’s most iconic monuments, the Porta San Sebastiano. Here you will find an array of vendors selling traditional Italian gifts and decorations perfect for the Christmas season. Enjoy some delicious local fare while you browse through the stalls!


These are just a few of the amazing Christmas markets in Rome this year. Whether you’re looking for unique gifts or want to soak up the holiday atmosphere, these markets are sure to have something special. So check them out and make your holidays even more magical!