Those rough, hard, and bumpy growths called warts can develop anywhere on the body. They are often transmitted by casual contact, so they are common on the face, fingers, hands, and feet. Warts come from HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). If anyone in your family or friends gets warts, you can help it disappear quickly and avoid new warts from surfacing. Here is what expert dermatologists recommend:

Two tips for curing warts more quickly:

1 . Treat the Warts! If you have a healthy immune system, warts will usually vanish on its own. Although it may take a substantial amount of time. In the meanwhile, the warts-causing virus can spread to other body parts, which may give rise to more warts.

Treatment can certainly help warts to go away quickly. You can but over-the-counter warts treatment medications. While treating warts, it is recommended that you:

  • Cover your warts. This abstains the virus from spreading to other body parts.
  • Immediately wash your hands after touching warts. It is also helpful in preventing the virus from spreading.

2 . Avoid shaving over warts. When people shave, they create microtears on their skin! If you also shave over warts, you will get microtears in your warts and the skin you shave. These microtears become a passage for warts to spread. Therefore, you shouldn’t shave the area where warts exist.

Tips to prevent new warts from developing

By taking some precautions, you can minimize the risk of developing warts. Here are some dermatologist-recommended precautions that you should follow:

  1. Avoid touching someone’s warts. Human papilloma virus is contagious. The virus can easily enter your body through a scratch or cut, which can cause warts.
  2. Ensure that everyone in your family has their own razors, washcloths, towels, socks, nail clippers, and other personal belongings. If anyone in your family has warts, it will help to prevent the virus to spread.
  3. Clean and cover scrapes and cuts. HPV is everywhere! When you touch something that is contaminated with HPV, it is easier for the virus to enter your body through a scrape or cut, which can cause warts.
  4. Regularly wash your hands. As HPV is very common, washing hands can help to clean off virus from your skin.

The Takeaway

While you can normally clear warts at home, some of them can be persistent. If a person has a weak immune system, it can be hard to get rid of warts. In such circumstances, a wart removal specialist can be of great help. There have been instances where over-the-counter medications don’t show any results, which is why it becomes essential to consult an expert dermatologist to device an effective treatment plan to help you get rid of your warts problem.