custom wall vinyl graphics decals have gained popularity as an affordable way of promoting your brand by speaking to customers using highly visible surfaces. It provides the best solution to transform unused space by striking a personalized space. From displaying your company’s brand-new logo to sharing a life-changing quote, you can do more with custom wall graphic decals to freshen up an otherwise dull room. Before you get started, here are some of the essential tips you need to keep in mind.

  • Pick Your Images Carefully

Image selection helps you with the best wall graphic decal. Consider using a high-quality image that will support your message without causing distraction. Whenever you need to use text, the best image selection for your pick should be sprawling sky blue.

  • Readability

It is essential to consider the legibility of your graphic design. If you use text, keep your potential customers and all their legibility in mind. Ensure your design can be read from afar. 

  • Pick Your Colours Carefully

The walls will look fantastic in any color, depending on your preference. Clear colors will help you grab customers’ attention quickly— try out yellow or white text as they create high contrast, improving readability. If your customers can read your sign, is most probably take the marketing message with them.

Benefits of using custom wall graphic decals

  • Flexibility and customizable

Depending on your business operations, wall wraps can be customized to reflect your brand aesthetics. Nevertheless, they are open to more than a certain point in an office space. Alternatively, they can be added to lobbies, conference rooms and any other wall you would like.

  • Uniqueness

Custom wall decal graphic works best when looking for a  creative streak. It allows you to showcase your personality, which might be hard to get from store-bought wall art. you’ll also have time to work with the artist to create an idea that is meaningful for you that will precisely match you and your style.

  • Easy installation process

There are various methods used to decorate walls which could be tricky. If there could be an altercation in installation, paint on a wall can look inconsistent, and wallpaper can easily be wrinkled before it dries. However, this challenge only happens for custom wall graphics as the tools needed to install one are a level, measuring tape, and a pencil. 

  • Control the tones and colors

By considering wall graphics, you can easily manipulate the images to complement the existing decor and control the saturation scale to fit your liking of vibrance. 


Custom wall graphics decals can radically transform your office space, but the result will always be the same. Please consider making a step to transform your office space from dull to catchy with colorful and creative graphic designs. Ensure you get world-class services to create high-quality wall wrap graphics to match your business aesthetic and high-quality adhesive for durability and longevity.