Finding shiny pokemon is always a delight, and many players spend hours farming their favourite monsters. Although these creatures can be scarce due to their varied colour palettes, there are ways you can increase your chances of finding them or make farming more efficient. Scarlet and Violet have a new way to catch shinies. There are also some returning mechanics.

You can catch a shiny without any special tricks or equipment. With a few tweaks to your play, these odds can be multiplied by as much as three times or fourfold.

PhillyBeatzU says that you can find most shinies in less than an hour if you combine all these methods. Or you can also Buy shiny Pokemon in the most straightforward form. 

These are the four most important tips to help you catch pocket monsters.


This is the easiest and fastest way to catch shiny Pokemon in this generation. The Pokemon’s icon will show the mass outbreak and a coloured swirl behind. If you have not seen the Pokemon, it will simply display a question mark. Your odds of defeating 30 of those species during an outbreak drop to 1 in 248. Your odds of beating 60 species drop to one in 248.

After you’ve defeated the horde, the mass outbreak will be available for the remainder of the in-game days. While you can continue to defeat monsters to get more spawn, this could cause the mass epidemic to stop prematurely. You can open a picnic from the in-game menu and then close it. You should see them disappear and then reappear. You can walk out of sight to make them render again.

Psyducks Inverse: A massive outbreak

Shiny Pokemon do not have any exceptional sound or particle effects. It’s up to you to spot which shiny Pokemon are among the enemies.


An item that you can get that will boost your chances of catching a shiny one is the Shiny Charm. The Shiny Charm has been a staple in the past few generations of Pokemon. It increases your chances of catching a shiny Pokemon by increasing your odds of seeing one in 1,365. You can combine it with other methods to get a shiny rate of one in 512.

You will need to complete your Pokedex to get the Shiny Charm. To maximize your Pokedex, you must have every version-exclusive, legendary and evolution. After you’ve completed all 400 pages, visit Professor Jacq at the Mesagoze Academy. If you have completed the feat, he will give the charm to you.


You can also catch shinies using another method at the end of the game, but this takes a little more effort. You’ll need to earn the credits by beating the game or simply completing the main story quest to unlock the Sparkling Power Shiny Sandwich recipe.

Next, collect Herba Mystica. It comes in five flavours and can be found at 5-star raids. You can combine these ingredients in the mini-game food-making to increase your chances of getting a shiny type.


The last method, named after Junichi Masuda (a famous Pokemon composer), was published on his blog in 2007. You have a better chance of getting a shiny Pokemon if you take one from another area and breed it with your own.

If you cross a Japanese Growlithe and one from your Scarlet/Violet games, there’s a 1 in 683 chance you will hatch a shiny.