Are you planning for a night out with friends or going out with someone special? If yes, you will need a place with a pleasing environment, tasty food and Hookah where you can enjoy as well as relax. 

Victory Restaurant and Lounge is the exact place where you can enjoy the night with your buddies. We serve the best quality hookah, drinks and food made of high-quality ingredients by professional chefs. If you live in Manhattan, you may have heard about the Victory restaurant. Here, you can enjoy premium enticing flavored Hookah Manhattan that makes it appealing to both smokers and non-smokers. You can also enjoy television and soul-satisfying music at Victory. Come and take pleasure in a delightful environment and tasty dishes. 

A Comfortable Destination For Hookah Lovers:

We believe that hookah Manhattan becomes 10 times more pleasing when incorporated with comfortable sitting. Victory New York Restaurant and Lounge provide the most comfortable sitting arrangements for groups as well as solo or duo folks. Here you will find beautiful spaces decorated in trendy, modern themes to appeal to patrons. We provide grouped seating with comfortable couches, benches, or even alternative seating. Just be sitting on your couch while we serve you!

Quality Customer Services: 

Unlike many Hookah bars, NYC Victory Restaurants and Lounges respects its customers. We are nothing without our customers and we work for customer satisfaction. We serve only high-quality Hookah Flavours and equipment so you don’t have to face any inconvenience. Also, our staff is highly trained for customer satisfaction. When You visit our space you will never be sad.

Premium Hookah Pipe:

A hookah pipe is a long piece of glass. There is a tobacco chamber with flavoured tobacco and burning charcoal on top. The pipe is connected with flexible tubing. Hookah smokers hold one tube per person and inhale via the mouthpiece at the end of the tube. To enhance your experience, we provide superior hookah pipes.

In the hookah pipe, smoke from burning tobacco flows through a water chamber. This cools the smoke before inhaling it. To make it more palatable, our hookah tobacco is frequently flavoured with sweeteners such as molasses or honey. In addition to tobacco, you can also enjoy tobacco-free herbal shisha.

View Of The Area:

Our Hookah Lounge is decorated in trendy, modern themes to appeal to young patrons. Hookah is generally smoked in small groups, so we offer grouped seating with comfortable couches, benches, or even alternative seating like bean bag chairs grouped around a hookah table. The lighting system of the area makes it more appealing. The beautiful space is incorporated with soothing music to make your soul dance.  


Victory Restaurant & Lounge represents the real meaning of enjoying hookah with a vibrant ambience, an unrivalled vibe, and outstanding food. We are dedicated to customer service and have worked with a track record of most satisfied customers. Our menu features upgraded comfort meals that will have you craving more. Victory is ready to serve you whether you’re looking for a nice date night spot on a Wednesday or an enthusiastic weekend brunch to enjoy drinks and hookah with friends. So, whenever you crave Hookah Manhattan, come to NYC Victory Restaurant and Lounge and enjoy your night.