Brush Script is a casual connecting script typeface designed in 1942 by Robert E. Smith for the American Type Founders (ATF). The face exhibits an exuberant graphic stroke emulating the look of handwritten written letters with an ink brush. Lowercase letters are deliberately irregular to affect the look of handwritten text further. The typeface was introduced in 1942 and saw near-immediate success with advertisers, retailers, and posters. Its popularity continued through the 1950s and waned as the influence of the International Typographic Style grew in the 1960s. However, the typeface has regained considerable popularity for its nostalgic association with the post WW2 era.

Brush script fonts have become popular over the last few years. Their whimsical hand-made feel has led to many artists, photographers, creative types using these brush script typefaces in their logos and branding. That is why you see the explosion of new hand-made, brushed fonts appearing on the scene. Mixed with floral motifs and watercolour textures, these brush fonts can make for some adorable branding & designs; hence, why this post has come together. 

I’ve been looking for that perfect brush script font for a while now. I’ve found the best-looking brushed logos are hand-made by professional calligraphers/professional letterers. If you can’t afford to go that route or don’t know any professionals, you can always turn to fonts. And luckily, because of the increasing popularity of wanting that brushed logo to feel, many designers are focusing their efforts on creating that perfect script. Below you’ll find some of the best brush script fonts available right now. Scroll through them and see if there is any match that “feel” you’re going for.

Most of these fonts are premium (paid) fonts, but I’ve included a few at the end of this post that is free. Of course, please read the license agreements to determine how they can be used first. Enjoy! PS. I continually keep this post updated.


Today, Brush Script is used for advertisements and sales materials, especially luxury and consumer products.

Brush Script is a lively font with brush-written characteristics, designed by Robert E. Smith in 1942 for American Type Founders. Brush Script is a favourite, despite competition from similar typefaces of the period and more modern looking scripts digitized in recent years. Perhaps that’s because Brush Script is peppy, informal, and unabashedly confident. The letterforms are casual yet look as if they have been written quickly. Today, Brush Script is used for advertisements and sales materials, especially luxury and consumer products.


Kingston Script Brush Font is elegant and has a tremendous authentic wet paint look that makes it stand out in any design. This font also comes with various alternatives that make it fun and versatile to work with.


  1. Zallord
  2. Hackney Hand-Painted Typeface
  3. Bathi font
  4. The Cat Has a Hat
  5. Odachi
  6. Take
  7. Leafy
  8. Banaue
  9. Kust
  10. True Lies
  11. Levi Brush

About Azkasia

 Azkasia is an excellent, brushed letter script perfect for titles and headlines. In addition, this smooth and elegant font script is perfect for company logo, greetings, invitation, branding, poster, flyers, book cover, quotes, etc.