USA Grant Applications is an online grant application system that accesses free money applications from various sources and turns them over to you. 

Application Sources & Grant Training

To provide you with the online training on how to apply for this funding and the support that you need to pursue your funding goals successfully, we charge a small up-front fee to cover the marketing and advertising of this site as well as to pay our funding writer to provide the most up-to-date information on the funding world. The small fee is $29.95 — an extremely fair price for the wealth of online resources and application sources we provide. In addition, you will receive instant access to our members-only application sources site with your small registration fee.

Our membership fee also comes with a GUARANTEE which states: If you apply for funding using one of the applications you find on our website. You don’t receive funding, and your membership fees will be refunded to you immediately. However, you have to provide us with the name of the funding opportunity you applied for and a copy of the rejection letter you received from the funder. You will have 90 days from this transaction to submit your refund request and your denial letter.

Where does the money come from?

Every year, BILLIONS of dollars are awarded to people and organizations in the form of free money and other types of funding. This money comes from all different sources, including but not limited to state and federal agencies and through private corporations and foundations. Most people know this money exists but don’t know where to apply, how much they qualify for, or even where to get an application.

Incidentally, the amount of money given away by these entities each year can vary as well as the time of the year that the money is given away, so it’s important to check the date the application is due and when the money will be distributed. Many people think this money is given out at the beginning of the calendar year, and this is not the rule. Some entities give out money several times a year or even all year long, depending on who is eligible and who is not.

In recent years, our country has bailed out banks, investment firms, and other failing businesses. But, you also need to know that they are not the only ones giving out money. Thousands of private corporations and foundations have money to help individuals and small businesses, too, through different types of funding programs! Funding programs have eligibility criteria, which an applicant must meet before a funding application is even considered. USA Grant Applications was designed to give you the help you need to locate and apply for these funds because if you are like most Americans, you don’t know where to start.