Cleansing your lash extensions is integral to any extension wearer’s daily routine, keeping them healthy and firmly bonded to natural lashes. Foam lash extension cleansers are one of the best ways to do so! More and more lash artists have begun incorporating them into their aftercare advice reels and, as a result, are seeing happier clients and stylists alike!

What are the benefits of foam lash cleansers over other cleaning methods?

Well-formulated lash extension cleansers rinse entirely and do not leave a residual film on your eyelashes. Be careful of regular makeup removers masquerading as lash-friendly! An excellent lash shampoo is low in sulfate content, meaning it will not remove moisture from your extensions or loosen the bond.

Good lash shampoos are specifically crafted to gently remove dirt, residue, and makeup from eyelashes. Using one at least once a day also significantly boosts lash health. Think of the process as similar to washing your scalp and hair to eliminate invisible oil, dandruff, and dirt buildup. 

Who uses lash cleansers?

All lash extension wearers should use lash cleansers as part of their aftercare routine.

Many clients have dirtier lashes than usual for several potential reasons. Perhaps they wear a lot of makeup, exercise or work out frequently, or even have oilier skin. These conditions can lead to a lot more residue and dirt caking up on lash extensions than for clients who do not wear heavier makeup or work out regularly. Just make sure to ask your clients, particularly new ones whose lifestyles you aren’t familiar with!

An effective way to help these types of clients with lash retention and maintenance is to give them or recommend they purchase a lash shampoo, reusable lash brush, lash cleansing brush, or spoolies as part of their appointment. You may even want to go all out and suggest an entire aftercare kit to make their lives easier!

How to talk to your client about lash cleansing?

Telling clients, they need to “clean more” can be a delicate topic. Rather than straight-up commanding your clients to use a lash cleanser, ask about their usual end-of-day and morning routines. Do they use a particular face wash? If they wear makeup, do they have a favorite remover? Check whether their products are oil-free, as oils quickly break down adhesive bonds.

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However, even if the client’s products are oil-free, a cleanser formulated for extension-wearers remains the best way to keep lashes healthy, fluffy, and attached. Remind them that the best aftercare method is to use that lash shampoo! Please make sure they are aware that lashes should be cleaned daily.

Emphasize that they will be helping to extend their lash retention and health with a product specifically formulated to do so. Inform them that lash shampoos leave less residue and film on their lashes than other products that might be in their established routine. This, in turn, means that clients can come in less frequently for fills, saving them tons of time and money!

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Clients should also use their cleanser right before filling to remove all makeup and dirt before lying down — not only will it improve their quality of lashes, but it makes the job easier for you, the lash stylist, as well!

Try Things to know before getting eyelash extension giving new clients a small bottle of a cleanser for free with their first lash appointment to encourage them to provide these babies with a shot!