Summers are harsh to deal and if the air conditioner stops working, it can make situations turn adverse. However, the best thing is that the AC gives signs to tell about the need for immediate repair and this makes it easy to save the equipment from failing. Here follows the list of four common AC problems that need immediate attention:


Freon or Refrigerant is a chemical that cools the air flowing in the air conditioner. When it leaks, the level of chemical decreases, and this affects the ability of equipment to generate cool air. Unlike the other leaks, AC leaks can’t be identified with liquid collected at a single spot.

The falling in the cooling level, even at low temperatures indicates refrigerant leaks of any kind. AC that needs regular refrigerant refills ought to be checked as this can be an indication of a refrigerant leak. Also, as the problem is mainly related to the core parts of the machine, it is always wiser to look for the AC repair in Phoenix, AZ.


Clogged filters are one of the clearest signs that an AC needs attention. A major reason behind the frozen coils and airflow problems is polluted air conditioner filters. Particles including dirt, dust, cottonwood, and mold begin to grow in condensing coil of air systems and this eventually affects the efficiency and cooling capacity.

If a situation like this is ignored, it can cause the complete unit to ice up, which means that ice will be collected around the copper lines within and outside the system. Also, because AC takes air inside the system with these coils, it is important to clean them for effective service.


Another common sign that needs immediate repair is a dysfunctional fan motor. It is a fan placed inside the air conditioner. As the equipment processes the heat towards the compressor, it bears the highest temperature throughout the year, which needs a routine appraisal.

As such electrical motors are exposed to higher temperatures, running them in harsh conditions can cause wire insulations to collapse.  Motor breakdowns like these can eventually lead to circuit shortening through the electrical setup of home.  


The direct effect of a faulty air conditioner can be observed on the circuit breaker, which can cause an electrical short circuit. This means that the electricity that moves through a proper path will cause the process to rush and this expands the electrical current level that wire can manage. This current stream leads the wires to become too hot and cause a fire in the circuit.

However, as the circuit breaker usually trips before things can turn worse, the wisest thing would be to call for the nearest AC repair in Phoenix, AZ. They will ensure the uninterrupted service of the air conditioner.


Ignoring signs like these can worsen the situation and nothing would be as bad a collapsed air conditioner in the summers. Hence, the wisest thing is to call for the AC repair in Phoenix, AZ. Also, the best time to seek the repair services is before the air conditioner has to be started to ensure the working condition of the equipment.