A few odd years back, organizations might use to amaze about “how great it will be that a machine is answering users handling too many queries at once”. Today, the situation is true as a blessing with the idea of chatbots, or better say AI-based chatbots.

Chatbots when integrated into a website or an application creates a great scope for answering users, attending their queries, and handling many users at once without a glitch like issues. This is the reason, not just for robust mobile applications, organizations, and startups are approaching a leading mobile app development company to integrate AI-based chatbot too.

Analyzing information from the real world happening, an intelligent chatbot is capable of answering whatever questions users ask while recommending them relatable information too.

When this was just basic information about what a chatbot can do and are doing, there are a lot more things, the role of chatbots in an enterprise can be seen.

Let’s check them out-

Uses of Chatbots for an Enterprise

  • 24*7 availability

Like humans, AI-based chatbots do not require resting time. They are 24*7 available for answering users’ queries along with recommending things they might want or require. This will help organizations connect with their users anytime any day without depriving them of things we are looking for.

Also, not just for customer queries, these bots can listen and solve user complaints too. By analyzing the feedback and complain, figuring out the right solution and helping them to get instant aid is also being rendered by these AI-powered bots.

  • Automation

There are tasks that are mundane, monotonous, and repetitive. Managing them without the need for human assistance can be done when integrating the app or a website with a chatbot.

Chatbots can easily streamline and work upon the repetitive tasks like answering FAQs to the users, recommending things and products to the users. With it, the time saved from bots can be further used by the human force to invest in other important tasks.

Seeing the potential of AI chatbots, iOS, and Android app developers are finding ways to make applications more interactive as well as powerful.

  • Possibilities

It is crucial to remain in touch with users irrespective of time and location. In this cut-throat competition, losing even a single second is like losing thousands of users globally. Hence, attending users is the biggest challenge.

This can be streamlined and managed with the help of chatbots. Using chatbots, any business can remain effective to the users without letting them wait for hours and hours. Here, the need for a salesperson for attending every person eliminates too.

With the help of bot, information like deals, discounts, and others can be easily conveyed to the users too.

  • Training employees

Who says a chatbot is only essential for users? Well, it can also be used for training employees within the organization remotely. Today, the amount of employees is working remotely and working from faraway places, hence training them virtually simplified with AI-powered chatbots.

These bots can educate employees of the company’s policies, terms & conditions, products & services, and many more online.

  • Multilingual support

The best thing about chatbots is not just about their real-time information provider feature but also the multilingual support. A chatbot when developed using the best of technology and smartness, can deliver information as per the user’s dialect too.

Standard language like English is okay for a specific set of audiences whereas others generally prefer recommendations, answers, and others in their local dialect.

Hence, if you are developing a chatbot with the local dialect features, you are winning the audience!

  • Maintenance

Having a chatbot integrated into the website or application is economic rather than employing more number of people for attending users.

A chatbot alone can handle thousands of user queries without any sign of glitch which is not possible when it comes to manual handling. Hence, comparing the maintenance cost then a chatbot is cheaper than more human power.

  • Engagement

Using a chatbot for social media platforms can too help in bringing more engagement as compared to the brand with no bot.

An AI-based chatbot can lead users to the online purchasing link and close the sale with a satisfied customer. Other than that, bots can also programmer with natural humor like humans to offer human life experience.

All in all, a chatbot is effective when it comes to sales and engagement.

  • Personalized experience

A bot can analyze the user query, feedback, and complaint and hence can render what a user is looking for.  In short, a user can get personalized experience as per their willingness. Also, when attending thousands of users at a time, no query remains unattended.

  • Glitch killer

There are times when a website or an app doesn’t work or takes a good time to upload, in this situation, instead of letting users switches between the app, a chatbot can be a time killer.

Till the website gets loaded, through chatbot, users can randomly talk about a product or service. This will ensure no users are switching off or abandoning the app or web.

These are just a few points, a chatbot is capable of doing. There are more in the list that can only be experienced when integrating an app or web with a chatbot.

Let your chatbot be your digital voice and a tool to attract more number of users answering and recommending what they want in real-time.