We often look after Indian camping food ideas, but have you relished Java food? Banyuwangi is located in East Java and offers more than beautiful beaches and stunning mountains. Various delicious culinary options exist, including Rujak Soto or Nasi Tempong. These are the foods you must try when you visit the region.

1. Rujak Soto is great for soothing taste buds

The title of this dish may be confusing for those familiar with Rujak Sayur (vegetable rujak) and Soto Babat (beef tripe soup). This dish mixes Rujak Sayur, a vegetable rujak, and Soto Babat, a beef tripe soup. It has a surprisingly unique flavor. This food comprises different vegetables, peanut sauce, and shrimp paste.

The peanut sauce is mixed with brown sugar, salt, fried peanuts (a banana with seeds inside), and tamarind berries. This concoction is mixed with boiled vegetables such as kangkung, Chinese spinach, long beans, and cabbage. Its price is usually around 10,000 rupees, or less than $1.50. It is often served with a bowl of beef tripe soup.

2. Relish the taste of Pecel Rawon

If you order this dish at Banyuwangi, you will receive a bowl of Nasi Pecel, rice with a walnut-based sauce mixed with vegetables such as spinach and bean sprouts, and a bowl of Rawon or black walnut soup. Pecel Rawon is a delicious dish with fried shrimp and beef, fried beef lung, peanut waffles, and fried beef lung.

Pecel Rawon is usually available for Rs 5,000-10,000. It has a rich spice flavor and a sweet yet subtle sambal (pecel) sauce flavor.

3. Marvelous Sego Cawuk

This food is commonly served for breakfast in Banyuwangi. It can be easily found, especially in areas populated by tribes that use it. This dish comprises steamed white rice, shredded tender coconut, and a bowl of soup. Also includes roasted baby corn, cucumber, chile, and red onion. The result is a spicy and refreshing flavor.

Sego Cawuk is usually priced between 7,000 and 15,000 rupees and comes with other dishes like pipes Ikan Laut (steamed sea fish wrapped in banana leaves), dendeng, kikil, and telur Pindang.

4. Java offers Jangan Kesrut

Jangan Kesrut is a Banyuwangi specialty known for its bright red color and spicy aroma. It comprises steamed white rice, kala geek, grilled shredded chicken, and crispy tempeh. The dish usually comes with meat or kikil as a filling.

The soup includes large chiles, cabe rawit, tomatoes, chives (shrimp paste), sugar, salt, and bilimbi. This dish is only served in a few restaurants. Try Warung Olgha in Jl. If interested, try DI Panjaitan 48 Lateng.

5. Best Nasi Tempong

This dish is steamed white rice with Banyuwangi-style sambal. It is made to order, so the sambal will always be fresh. Nasi tempang is often served with various fried dishes such as tempeh (tempeh), tofu (tofu), perkedel jagung, and salt fish. Expect to receive three plates of food when you order this specific plate. These include rice, boiled vegetables, and some garnishes.

Banyuwangi offers more than food. Creating lasting memories is also important. Visit Beautiful Indonesia to learn more about Banyuwangi.