Few things in life can compare to riding a motorcycle for sheer adrenaline. A bike is probably the most convenient and cheap form of travel, whether speeding down motorways or zooming through rush hour traffic. Changing the engine oil regularly is one of the most critical aspects of bike maintenance. The engine can overheat, friction between its moving parts can rise, and overall performance can suffer if the bike’s engine oil is not changed regularly. So, if you are a biker, bike services provider, or dealer, you must know about the best engine oil companies in India or the best engine oil manufacturers in India.

List of 5 indicators that your motorcycle requires the best oil change

Gather your materials before starting the project

The first step in changing the oil on your bike, like any other activity, is to acquire all of the necessary tools. A new oil filter, a drain pan, a measuring beaker, a funnel, and some basic instruments for opening and tightening nut bolts, such as a screwdriver and an adjustable socket wrench, are among them.

It will instruct you on the proper oil change procedure, the type and quantity of oil required for your bike, and the regularity with which you should change your bike’s engine oil.

Change your motorcycle’s engine oil regularly

You should change your bike’s engine oil regularly. Mechanics usually recommend changing your bike’s engine oil every six months. However, you should consult your bike’s service manual for more precise information on the proper oil change frequency.

Only use the best engine oil

It’s critical to use the appropriate engine oil for your motorcycle. Your bike’s performance may be harmed as a result. Some mechanics may suggest you save money by using lower-cost engine oil. You may learn about the optimal engine oil for your motorcycle by reading the service manual booklet.

While changing the oil in your motorcycle, keep it on a double stand

It’s critical to park your bike on level ground using the double stand or center stand before starting the oil changing process. This will make it easier for you to reach the oil filter while also ensuring the stability of your motorcycle. Additionally, if your bike is positioned at an angle on a kickstand, the used oil stored in it may not drain properly.

Be sure to replace the oil filter as well

When you change the oil in your bike’s engine, you should also change the oil filter. An oil filter protects your bike’s engine from damage by filtering out impurities like dirt, oxidized oil, and metallic particles that might build up in the motor oil. Your bike’s oil filter, like the engine oil, becomes clogged or ruined after some time.

Final Words!

You should feel confident the next time you undertake this bike maintenance task now that you know how to replace oil in a bike. Failure to change your bike’s engine oil at regular intervals can result in a drop in performance and perhaps a traffic accident. To keep safe on the road, you must do everything possible. Get to know the best engine oil companies in India or the best oil manufacturers in India and purchase only trusted and good engine oil for your vehicle.