To acquire a competitive advantage, parents who are struggling to enroll their kids in prestigious public school academic programs are shelling out hundreds of dollars on platinum tutoring packages. The number of businesses providing tutoring and coaching services for the yearly Academic Selective Entrance Test “ASET preparation courses,” formerly known as GATE, has skyrocketed.

Depending on the programs they are enrolling for, all applicants for Gifted and Talented Programs must take the Academic Selective Entrance Test. They also need to participate in combination workshops, auditions, and interviews. Students take a four-part exam that includes reading comprehension, writing, quantitative reasoning, and abstract reasoning. This exam might be your child’s ticket to a spot in a competitive high school program.

At Perth’s top-performing government high schools, such as Perth Modern, Willetton SHS, and Shenton College, the high-stakes exam decides whether pupils are given academic places. It has gotten more competitive, and some parents now choose to enroll their kids in government-run selective high schools rather than expensive private institutions.

How Do You Prepare Your Kid?

It’s a challenging test. You have a maximum of 51 seconds to complete multiple choice questions, and you have a maximum of 34 seconds to respond to each question in the abstract reasoning section of the test. The time constraint alone is difficult.

How then can your youngster get ready? To start, answer a practice exam question. While the Department of Education does not publish prior examinations, there are many free downloads of ASET preparation courses for the Grade 7 Selective School Test.

1.Ignore the time limit and take a practice exam. Focus on answering the question correctly, then find out your final score. 

2. Determine the appropriate response to each question that you didn’t get right (and check it with your answer key).

3. Create methods for those same questions so that you can respond to them when you encounter them again in the future. Develop your approach over time to cut down on the number of steps required to get the solution (and so that you can answer the question more quickly).

4. To get a score of 95 to 100 percent, repeat steps 1 through 3 as necessary. If you perform it correctly, your child ought to observe an improvement in their practice test score each time you repeat it.

5. Then complete practice exams in the allotted time. You’ll discover that once you have a system in place for accurately answering diverse questions, working within a time constraint is simpler.