If you’re trying to set the foundation of your first business or your tenth one, a company already set up having a bank account may be appealing. Unfortunately, ready-made companies are one of the more opaque areas of internationalization.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that they’re frequently confused and misunderstood. As a relic of the days before the internet’s offshore market, these entities are heavily advertised through corporate services providers looking for nothing more than profits.

This article will try to look at the options available to buy ready-made companies with bank accounts and the possibilities.

How Do I Get A Ready-Made Company With A Bank Account?

If you’ve stumbled across this post, you’re likely looking for a new business. Because you’re concerned about both your cash and time, you’d like your company to be able to access an account with a bank in the most simplified manner possible. Unfortunately, the banking industry has been an extremely difficult business element internationally.

In addition, depending on the country your company is located and the kind of business you’re operating, and how much cash you’ve got, opening accounts with a bank for a new business could be a lengthy and time-consuming procedure. Documents to be compiled and the due diligence process, and even the financial requirements to open a bank account can make opening a bank account appear impossible.

It’s not a surprise that most people want to look at all the available options so that they can tackle these problems as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. One of the choices is to get a company already set up with an existing bank account.

Buy A Ready-Made Company And A Bank Account

It involves hiring a service provider for an existing company registered and then asking the service provider to “assist” you with opening an account with a bank. The only thing to consider is if the service provider doesn’t have the qualifications of an expert in banking, what will they do to assist you with opening accounts?

However, here’s the problem: Banks would like to communicate directly with the owners of the business, not a third entity.

Corporate service providers typically have a handful of “go-to” banks. They simply transfer all their clients through the exact bank. It is not a consideration of the likelihood that the bank will take the customer in, the institution’s reputation, the charges, or how long the account will be open.


A purchase of off-the-shelf offshore ready-made companies with bank accounts is a possible and legitimate option. Companies such as IT-Offshore can help you in getting one.

However, you need to be extremely cautious and keep in mind that once the company is legally transferred to you, the bank account remains in the hands of the former owner and is required to be converted over to you by following the normal due diligence process.

Select a foreign bank or a payment processor for advance payments. Companies that are ready-made offshore are secure only if they’re carefully chosen and legally acquired, considering any risks posed.

Are you looking to buy a ready-made offshore company with a bank account? Get in touch with IT-Offshore today.