The ABIL Group was founded by Mr. Avinash Bhosale. His insight, passion, and wise leadership have helped the ABIL Group grow into one of the top corporate conglomerates in the business world today. His remarkable enthusiasm, organizational brilliance, and attention to detail have been crucial to ABIL’s success. Furthermore, Avinash Bhosale is well esteemed and his accomplishments are acknowledged by everyone in the business. Avinash Bhosale initially gained national attention after securing substantial construction contracts through the Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation (MKVDC).

He began taking an automobile course in the 1980s and moved into a leased room in the Peth neighborhood. Bhosale, who was 17 at the time, borrowed Rs 10,000 from his father to purchase an autorickshaw after being inspired by his homeowners plan to hire out rickshaws.  The autorickshaw was rented out for Rs. 12 every shift, which was paid to the drivers. This young businessman had three auto rickshaws in just six months. His apprenticeship as a builder began with another builder who instructed him in the details of the real estate industry. “He was building a project next to the home my father had purchased on Prabhat Road. I handled every aspect of the building’s construction, and it was finished in nine months” he claimed. Avinash Bhosale’s political connections started to solidify when he met Gopinath Munde through politician Anil Shirole.

Bhosale is a high school dropout who ended up at Harvard University and was free to travel wherever he desired. He went from proudly owning a bicycle to a helicopter. Moreover,  his HSC exam failure made him more resilient and drove him to leave his village of Sangamner and move to Pune, where he ultimately found success. About 40 years ago, he started out as an autorickshaw driver. In the present day, he is the chairman of the ABIL Group, also known as Avinash Bhosale Infrastructure Limited. His company has had significant growth with investments across various sectors. Today he is known as “Pune’s King of Good Times”