How you fare in your Class 10 Board examinations, majorly depend on the study plan you adopt early on. Believe it or not, your study routine is far more important than how many hours of work you put in or how hard you study. A good study plan can make things easier for you and help you finish up much before others. An ideal study plan will include everything, including solving question banks (to find CBSE Question Bank Class 10 2021, click here) organized in an orderly fashion. We have prepared an effective study plan that students can follow.

The ultimate study plan for Class 10 Students – Board Examination Study Routine

CBSE Class 10 Board Exam

Passing your Class 10 Board examinations is not difficult but securing 90% is. However, if you follow the study plan mentioned below, you stand a good chance of securing that percentage:

  1. Evenly distribute your subjects – Do not spend the entire day behind one subject, no matter how tempting that may seem. That will eventually wear out your mind and your productivity will go down real fast. Instead, come up with a study routine where you can refer to different books and study different subjects throughout the day or you can refer to all-in-one books. To buy the best CBSE All in One Class 10. A weekly plan that allows you to study different subjects is the best. Also, do not try and cover all the subjects in one day. Keep two for one day, two for the next, so on and so forth.
  2. Check the previous years’ question paper before diving in – Before you decide to jump headlong into the syllabus, make sure you go through the previous years’ question papers once. To find the best CBSE Question Banks. This will allow you to get a good overview of the curriculum and will allow you to decipher which subjects are of more importance than the rest. This will come in handy when you are preparing a strategy for studying and covering the entire curriculum.
  3. Regular revision – This is a habit that not a lot of people develop but this is something that you must adhere to if you want to secure 90% – at the end of each day, make sure you find some time to revise what you had studied the day before. It can be with books or with sample papers. To buy CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 2021. What this does is keep the information fresh and you do not forget it that easily. There are great books for revision that you can resort to.
  4. Sleep enough – Giving your mind and your body the time to recuperate is as important as studying. There is no point in pushing yourself further than your body can endure. That is why make sure you are getting proper rest. Get a good 7-8 hours of sleep each night and a power-nap in the afternoon can go a long way in keeping the mind and the body rejuvenated. 
  5. Sample Paper Solving – Sample Papers are widely considered to be one of the most effective ways to test out your knowledge and learning and rightly so. To buy CBSE Sample Paper. If you can solve some of the most highly recommended and sought-after sample papers then you prepare yourself to handle any questions. Good sample papers are generally drafted by a panel of experts who set them in the pattern of the examination. That is why, solving sample papers throughout studying, at an even pace, is necessary.

These are the 5 studying strategies that you need to follow diligently if you want 90% or above in your Class 10 board examinations. To find good CBSE Books, click here