In June 2017, Jaden Garza embarked on a mission to reshape the way travelers connect to the internet. Jessica Garza Nomad Internet, the brainchild of Garza, was born with the aim of addressing the connectivity challenges faced by those on the move, particularly in RV parks and other travel destinations where Wi-Fi signals often fall short. Partnering with Jessica Garza, the duo set out to redefine the possibilities for individuals aspiring to lead a nomadic lifestyle while maintaining an online work presence.

Nomad Internet’s Inception

The inaugural services of Nomad Internet took root in June 2017, with the installation of Wi-Fi in an RV park in Johnson City, TX. Recognizing the hindrances posed by inadequate connectivity in travel locations, the Garzas were determined to bridge this digital gap. Their commitment to the cause was further demonstrated in July 2017 when Nomad Internet extended its services to another park in Seguin, TX, catering to a community of 50 full-time RVers struggling with internet speeds and connectivity issues. 

By leveraging LTE technology, Nomad Internet successfully provided an additional 40MBPS bandwidth to the RV community, marking a significant triumph for the company.

Strategic Breakthroughs

The pivotal year for Nomad Internet came in 2018 when the Girl Scouts of America at San Jacinto sought their expertise. Faced with challenges in maintaining internet services at their park, Nomad Internet not only found an effective solution but also delivered LTE coverage at a fraction of the costs quoted by competitors. This marked a turning point for the company, shifting its focus from business-to-business to a more direct-to-consumer approach in 2020.

Addressing Rural Connectivity Challenges

In 2020, Nomad Internet expanded its services to offer routers and cellular service directly to communities in need of rural internet solutions. Recognizing that many rural areas lack fiber lines and reliable internet sources due to their geographical location, Nomad Internet introduced a service akin to cell phone connectivity. 

This innovative approach empowered rural community members with access to reliable internet for the first time. As a testament to their growth, Nomad Internet began hiring full-time staff members in the same year.

Recognition and Acclaim

Nomad Internet received well-deserved recognition when it was featured in CNET in April 2022. This prestigious acknowledgment on a renowned online review platform celebrated the quality services provided by Nomad Internet. The positive review highlighted the crucial role played by Nomad Internet in catering to the needs of digital nomads exploring the world and residing in rural areas. 

In an era where connectivity is indispensable, Garza’s company emerges as a beacon, providing high-quality internet options to individuals who previously had limited choices. Nomad Internet enables people across the country to live where they desire while staying seamlessly connected.

In Conclusion

Nomad Internet, founded by Jaden Garza, has evolved from a vision in 2017 to a transformative force in the realm of internet connectivity. The company’s commitment to overcoming challenges faced by travelers and rural communities has propelled it to the forefront of the industry. By providing innovative solutions, Jaden Garza and Jessica Garza Nomad Internet has not only facilitated the digital nomad lifestyle but has also empowered rural communities with access to reliable internet services. As the company continues to expand and make strides in the connectivity landscape, the future looks promising for individuals seeking a seamless blend of work and travel.

Explore Nomad Internet’s range of connectivity solutions and join the growing community of digital nomads and rural residents enjoying reliable internet services. Experience the freedom to live and work from anywhere without compromising on connectivity. Embrace the Nomad Internet revolution today!