Before you start using your Echo speaker and give voice commands to Alexa, you need to set up the device.

If you are a new Echo user or the smart speaker is on your wish list, then you should know certain steps that can help you set up your Echo speaker.

While many buyers think that there’s an Echo Dot application to set up Echo Dot, it’s not true. Alexa app is a common app that you can use to set up all the Alexa-enabled devices.

Why the Echo Set Up is Important?

Alexa is the main highlight of Echo speakers. To enable Alexa to listen to your voice commands, you first need to set up and register your Echo device.

5 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Echo Speaker

Configure your Echo speaker for the first time without any hassle by following these 5 simple steps:

1. Install Alexa App on Your Smartphone

Alexa app is available for free on both Play Store and App Store. You need to download and install the Alexa app on your smartphone to successfully set up your Echo speaker.

2. Add Your Echo Speaker

Open the Alexa app, find the ‘add device’ option in the menu bar, and click to access it. You will need to select the Echo model that you are using, and then the app will guide you with some on-screen instructions that you’ll need to follow.

3. Power up the Echo Device

Now it’s time to power on your Echo device with the help of the power adapter that comes with its package.

4. Connect to a Wi-Fi Network

After turning on the Echo, you will notice that the LED light ring first turns blue, and then starts flashing orange light. The orange light on the LED ring indicates that the Echo is searching for a Wi-Fi network and is ready to connect. Remember that you will need the Alexa app at this time to connect your Echo speaker with a Wi-Fi network.

5. Add Skills and Your Device is Ready to Use

Once your smart speaker gets connected to the internet, it is ready to use, and you can now interact with Alexa. However, we recommend you browse and download skills using the Alexa app to enjoy features like music streaming, weather reports, etc.  


It is quite easy to set up and use an Echo smart speaker even if you are a completely new user. All you need to do is to install the Alexa app on your smartphone and follow some basic steps to configure your Echo device in no time. Also, the Alexa app is the official Echo Dot application that you’ll require to set up an Echo Dot speaker.