Undoubtedly, working as a web designer is a gratifying career, however, the ultimate goal in any profession is to earn money. With highly saturated markets, transforming your designs into cash is no longer a cakewalk. Although the demand for a website designer is on the rise like the old days, competition has got tough these days.

Let’s face it, making money is getting tough as a website designer.

Skills alone are not enough just to survive as a web designer. Not in today’s scenario. So, to be able to earn money worth of your skills, designers must know how to make their way to the top. To be successful a website designer in Santa Rosa you should know how to reach up to clients, keep them and grow your business.

Below are the simple ways if done right, they can prove to be the amazing and fruitful strategies that help you to fill your pockets:

Work with a Pro Website Agency

You could partner with any of the successful design agency where you will be paid for the worth of your skills. Moreover, at pro agencies you can learn a lot about designing, the latest tool, what are the demands of the clients and discipline to work as a professional. You can interact with other Santa Rosa web designer, interact with them and learn a lot from them. Besides getting a good amount of salary, you might get other benefits such as health insurance as well.

Work as a Freelancer

You will your own boss. As a freelancer, you will spend the majority of the time on projects of your client. You will have other responsibilities as well related to the business such as finding clients, keeping records, communicating with clients and dealing with contracts. The best thing about being a freelancer is the flexibility it offers. You can control the project, over securing your clients and making all the decisions. Moreover, you have your own working hours may be part-time or full time. If you are able to land great clients, you can make good money freelancing.

Sell Stock Graphics

If you are more into graphic designing than coding, then designing stock graphics that can be used by other designers is an excellent way to make money. Websites always need stock graphics, files, and templates. Small businesses generally buy stock graphics as they can’t afford to hire a web designer. Stock graphics can be resold continuously, making you extra money. You have to do the work once and it keeps generating income.

Start a Design Blog

You can’t deny the fact that going after clients individually takes a lot of time. Although you should be always on the search for potential clients, it is better if clients find you and come to you. Create a blog with your design which will help you attract clients. You get easy, cheap advertising and a simple way to showcase your skills. A blog may need a lot of time and patience to grow but it is very rewarding in the long run. You can check out many Santa Rosa web design blogs for reference.


Beyond designing a website, the designer must be able to reach out to new clients and network with other people. Web designers can ensure more stable and higher income with a strong clientele base.