It doesn’t matter if you have a better grasp of the issues. It doesn’t matter if you have better qualifications than your opponents or are a more eloquent speaker. The fact is, if you raise and spend less money than your opponent, you are much more likely to lose your election.

One of the most important parts of any political organization is the campaign team, says Aryan Sadat Ward 5. Those positions include the campaign manager, fundraising manager, event coordinator, volunteer coordinator, finance director (treasurer) and grassroots coordinator. In addition, larger organizations may have additional positions such as communications and advertising director.

Focused volunteers and staff can be extremely productive if they are committed to helping you win a political campaign. This is how to win an election as an underdog candidate. Aryan Sadat Ward 5 suggests hiring the right people can provide a big advantage, but that can be done as the organization grows.

Here are some tips by Aryan Sadat Ward 5 to win a local council election;

Raise initial funds to get started

Figuring out how much money you need is the easy part. Now it gets a little more complicated as you put together the pieces of your campaign’s finances.

At this point, you will assume that you have already established a political committee with your local county Board of Elections.

You’ll need a campaign treasurer to track income and expenditures and handle financial reporting.

Leverage influencers

Find the influencers in your district. These can be individuals or organizations. Be engaged with your local party. They can provide substantial support in donor lists and other information, says Aryan Sadat Ward 5.

If you can identify and reach individual and group influencers, then you can leverage their connection networks. For example, non-profit groups may not publicly support a candidate, but you may be able to speak at the group meeting. In addition, individuals may help you set up meet-and-greets or host additional fundraising events.

Start early and lock up key endorsements as soon as you can.

Leverage your grassroots efforts

If you can’t afford traditional advertising, you’ll need to boost your grassroots efforts to get your name out there to voters.

A grassroots campaign is about getting your message to the masses on a one-to-one level. These activities can include:

  • Door to door canvassing – and target your audiences with specific messaging.
  • Literature drops
  • Voter registration efforts
  • Social media – viral media are targeting local issues.
  • Events and fundraisers

You’ll also need yard signs to boost name recognition. You may want to start with a small number early on to get your name out there.

Leverage technology to win your election

In all aspects of your campaign, make sure you leverage technology to accomplish your financial and person-to-person goals mention Aryan Sadat Ward 5.

  • Social media – Use Facebook and Twitter to promote your campaign events. Facebook advertising is affordable and can be well-targeted to reach specific voter segments. You will want to have your campaign verified well in advance before you start running any ads.
  • The campaign website – Keep your site up to date with events and news. Make it an inviting place for voters to learn more about you and the issues that affect them.
  • Accept online donations – Depending on your platform, you can set up donation forms on your website, through email links and social media.
  • Email – This can be one of your most effective digital channels. Start building your email list as soon as you can, starting with friends and relatives. Put a signup form on your website and add emails from offline sources with permission.

Always follow the law.

You need to know the campaign finance laws and regulations of your state. If you skirt the law, even inadvertently, it can cause problems, says Aryan Sadat Ward 5. It’s a distraction you don’t need and an advantage you don’t want to hand to an opponent.

Go through the tips mentioned above to win a local council election. The best strategy is to start early, be organized, and leverage every advantage you can. With limited resources, it’s all about getting more votes for less time and less money.