We assist evicted Milwaukee families in getting no-cost legal representation and other services. Nobody anticipates having to go through an eviction, in our opinion. Because of this, many individuals may not know their rights or what to expect from the procedure. The free legal aid section Society of Milwaukee is behind EvictionFreeMKE to help families that can’t afford legal representation. Assistance with presentation, understanding, and resolution is available to families.


You can get over this with the help of others. Our staff strives to inform tenants about their legal protections and responsibilities related to housing, both in the immediate and long term. You can count on us to remain by your side throughout the process and present at all necessary court hearings. It may be difficult to navigate the eviction procedure without thoroughly understanding all the legal jargon. We’re here to provide a hand by explaining the eviction process and answering any questions you may have. Please consider us as your legal linguists. We want you to be satisfied when your case is over. We will actively assist this process in reaching a swift and mutually beneficial settlement. Our mission is to provide evicted families with the emotional and legal help they need to get through this traumatic and life-altering experience. We want to eliminate the fact that less than 3% of people in Milwaukee County who are up for eviction have legal counsel.

We are fighting to keep families in their homes in Milwaukee County by guaranteeing they have access to the legal counsel they need to fight the eviction. Last year, on October 17, our community partners at United Way in greater Milwaukee and Waukesha counties launched Homelessness Awareness Week (October 17-23), intending to educate the public on the issue of homelessness in our area. The week may be over, but there’s still plenty to do.

To aid United Way’s effort to end homelessness by the year 2023, please consider contributing to its Safe & Stable Homes programme. Participate in the Legal Aid Society’s crowdfunding effort by purchasing awareness merchandise. The legal steps involved in eviction are complex and should not be attempted without legal counsel. Going to court and arguing your case against your landlord are only two of the many phases in the eviction process. Get the eviction procedure from our helpful guide and make the best choice for your circumstances. We spoke about the numerous potential causes of eviction. Now we’ll go over why it’s crucial that you have legal representation and how you may get the aid you need to go through your case.