You have been scrolling through an eyewear website looking for designer glasses frames for almost an hour. And suddenly, you find the designer frame of your dreams.

Yes, it is the one that looks exactly like the frame you had envisioned in your mind. Yes, it is the one that none of your friends or relatives has. And yes, totally the one that perfectly complements your face shape!

But, then your eyes travel towards the price and suddenly, the frame loses half of its sheen. You are not as convinced to buy it as you were when you saw it.  

Let’s be honest here, doesn’t it happen to all of us (eyeglasses’ wearers)?

Unfortunately, it does! Those glasses become the reason we are thrown into a dilemma that only we know of. And the existential question repeatedly knocks on the mind: to buy or not to buy? The glasses are lovely, dark and deep but buying them means taking a leap.

And the next thing most of us do is do a mental pros-and-cons list of buying one of those expensive designer frames.

The PROS comes to our mind first…

The first reason we think of buying any pair of glasses without any further ado would be the fact that they are lovely. Yes, they are everything we ever wanted in a pair. And, don’t we all deserve to treat ourselves. If you’ve ever thought of buying expensive designer frames, you have for sure thought that ‘no matter what, I deserve to treat myself’! And then we contemplate about buying the designer glasses frames as a treat to ourselves.

Another reason that convinces us to buy designer glasses frames is that my confidence is going to skyrocket if I wear those. Or that I will have all the good things going for me once I buy them. Not only because they add to your looks, but because designer glasses frames are a proven conversation starter anywhere one goes. This only makes us more inclined to buy that expensive pair.

And oh, the last and the most important one– I should let my personality shine through my glasses. Glasses can, according to psychology, showcase your personality so we all think purchasing that pair from a world-famous brand will show our personality.

But the cons make a way in too!

When you think about not buying the designer glasses frames you loved, you know that you won’t be able to enjoy a weekend retreat anytime soon. Add to that, the what-ifs that almost take over my mind.

What if the quality isn’t great? What if they hand me a pair that is more fragile than my coffee mug? What if I break the new designer glasses frames because I accidentally sat on them? What if they don’t get delivered? And we make up a hundred different scenarios in our head.

But what if I told you that there exists a store that lets you buy designer frames for glasses at a very affordable price? It would be heaven, right? Situated in Manchester, Specscart is the brand you should look for designer frames on!

A team dedicated to changing the way you perceive glasses, Specscart also operates an online store. It also dispatches most designer glasses with simple prescriptions within 24 hours of you placing your order. Not only this, but Specscart provides quirky, cool and stylistic frames for womens glasses and handsome, unique and striking frames for mens glasses. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Specscart and find the frames of your dreams at a price that no longer puts you in a dilemma. Happy Shopping!