With the advent of vaping, most people have started acknowledging its benefits over traditional smoking. It allows an individual to choose the concentration level of nicotine present in the e-liquids. He can gradually decrease the strength and eventually start vaping 0mg juices. Other benefits include affordability, health benefits, no nasty smells like cigarettes, availability of a wide variety of e-liquids, and so on.

One of the major benefits is the various types of flavours available in the market. Of them, the most favourite of all vapers is the custard flavoured Guilty Pleasures E-liquid. They are different from other custard-flavoured e-juices and have a class of their own. The custard series from Guilty Pleasures is a collection of six delectable custard flavoured juices that are manufactured in the UK and are available in 100ml short fills as a 70/30 blend e-liquid.

This blog provides a brief overview of the different types of custard flavoured juices by Guilty Pleasures. Here is a list of them:

Strawberry Custard: This is a delicious strawberry custard flavoured e-juice. When inhaled, it gives an awesome savour of fresh and ripe strawberries, and it gives the taste of super creamy custard when exhaled.

Raspberry Custard: This Guilty Pleasure E-liquid has a fresh raspberry flavoured custard taste. When this flavour is vaped, it feels like having custard with fresh raspberries in it. For people who prefer raspberry, this is the flavour to fall back on every time, as there is no other like this.

Blueberry Custard: This is a very popular e-liquid with the taste of ripe blueberry flavoured custard. The savoury taste of creamy custard with a hint of fresh blueberries is the favourite of many vapers.

Vanilla Custard: This is a classic vanilla custard vape. Almost every person likes the vanilla flavour, and nothing can beat the original and fresh flavour of this vanilla custard e-liquid. It is the perfect taste to compliment an awesome experience.

Chocolate Custard: This e-liquid has smooth chocolate custard flavour. This juice offers a delightful custard flavour with a dash of chocolate, which can make anyone feel happy. It gives the perfect outcome when this chocolate flavoured e-liquid is vaped.

Caramel Custard: This flavour essentially gives out the taste of a sticky caramel that is blended with smooth custard. Vaping this flavour invokes the feeling of having rich custard dessert topped with a generous layer of caramel sauce.


With the six awesome flavours of the custard series by Guilty Pleasures E-liquid, anyone can have an outstanding experience of vaping. These flavours tease the taste buds with their delicious taste and savour and allow an individual to enjoy the Guilty Pleasures of custard dessert with different fruity flavours in them. The custard series is the perfect combination for those who prefer sweet smelling vape liquids. Every inhale of these flavourful e-juices incorporates the succulent and mouth-watering taste of the fruits, and in every exhale, all the flavours come together to give a sweet finish. Trying out these top-selling flavours can whisk an individual away to the highest echelons of vaping.