We all know that  housing is a legal right for every one…similarly a family’s Right To Counsel should be treated the same way. Less than 3% of individuals facing eviction in Milwaukee County have  any sort of representation and we aspire to put an end to that! 

Our goal is to ensure that the families who are facing eviction receive the required support and legal representation they deserve when navigating this difficult and life-altering event. We stand with the families of Milwaukee County and ensure they have the free legal aid section required to avoid such cases of eviction and stay secure in their homes. 

How We Support Families

No one ever really plans to go through an eviction, which is why many people may not be informed of the process, their rights, or the possible outcomes. EvictionFreeMKE is supported by the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee’s team of lawyers who are dedicated to supporting families with a free legal aid section. We help families so they can receive help with legal court appearances, interpretations, and resolutions.Here’s how we help:

  • Legal Appearances: We work to acknowledge individuals about housing rights and obligations for the case at hand as well as going forward. Our team will be there with you every step of the way and appear with you for your court cases. With our legal aid section, you don’t have to go through the eviction process alone! 
  • Interpretations: To be able to know all of the legal terms and their implications in an eviction process can be an extremely challenging task. Our legal aid section provides you with all the information you need! You can think of us as your legal terms translators because we provide support by helping you better understand your eviction notice and your case. 
  • Resolutions: Our goal is to ensure that at the close of your case you benefit too! We support this process to get to a favorable and timely agreement between all the parties.  We keep YOU in mind!

Who do we serve?

Stable housing and work have positive impacts to support families to maintain their current housing. Effects of evictions on households, families, and communities can be traumatic and have long-term impacts on them. We understand how grueling eviction is for the people facing such unfortunate situations. That is why we are committed to supporting Milwaukee County individuals and families that are at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines with the legal support needed to effectively review the eviction process.

Evi Tool

Evi tool is a chat tool that fervently helps families get connected to resources if they’re facing eviction. Evi is efficient enough to conduct chats in English and Spanish language respectively.

By adding “Evi” to your website, you can help visitors get connected to the next best step to help stop and avoid evictions.

You can add “Evi” to your website by following these steps:

1- You can choose how you want to add “Evi”

2- Then copy the link or code

3- The final step: Publish.

Yes, it’s that easy!

Connect With Us

A free legal aid section is provided by EvictionFreeMKE to stop evictions. We ensure that the families in Milwaukee have the legal representation required to avoid eviction and stay in their homes, safe and sound. 

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