Prepare your child for the Ignite examination in 2022 by completing one of our many practice tests. If your child has practised in many topic areas and is familiar with the test structure, they will be more prepared for Ignite. Our tests are explicitly designed to assist students in developing their critical thinking, reading, and math skills. Utilize these high-quality Ignite Program Practice Tests in SA so as to increase your child’s chances of admission.

Students who are naturally gifted can benefit from specialised instruction while studying for the scholarship exam or practise tests on their own or their tutors so as to increase their chances of being successful in an IGNITE programme at an Adelaide secondary school. In order to be successful, participants in these programmes must have a high level of motivation and learning potential.

The Ignite practice exams are as follows:

  • Writing: Persuasive or Narrative (30 min)
  • Reading Comprehension: multiple-choice test (45 min)
  • Quantitative Reasoning: multiple-choice test (40 min)
  • Abstract Reasoning: multiple-choice test (40 min)
  • Ignite Program in SA are used by selected public secondary schools to determine entrance to specialised Gifted and Talented programmes.
  • Students learn and develop a diverse range of abilities as a result of the comprehensive approach, which allows them to perform at their highest levels.
  • This is accomplished, among other things, by intellectually challenging them, honing their ability to think laterally, and honing their problem-solving abilities, among other things.

Test Champs help students to improve their chances in the Ignite Exams with the practice tests and students can expect

  • Reading and comprehension practice  such as textual analysis, inferential reasoning, assessment, and analysis;
  • Mathematics NAPLAN practice tests include pattern recognition in numeric values, quantification, problem-solving skills, spatial orientation, and science abilities such as pattern recognition in nature and the environment.

     Writing tests marked by experienced teachers with detailed feedback.


Experiments have shown that the more practice students have to prepare for these critical examinations, the better their chances of passing are. This is why we at Test Champs encourage students to keep up with their practice