Kelvin Kissi is a former Analyst at Hilton and IHS Markit (S&P Global). He’s also a software engineer combining his passions for technology and innovation, which led to him starting auditing numerous smart contracts for various startups in 2021. it was for an organic way to be at the forefront of the blockchain technology purpose, bringing new technological solutions to people and making this emerging space for easy navigation for those in need. Before becoming a software engineer, kelvin Kissi was part of the SMU Economics Club, where he obtained his degree in Economics. he also attended Pepperdine Graziadio Business School and received his certification in Fintech, and advanced his studies in DeFi, Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence,  Python, and Solidity. from kelvins perspective, here are some of the soft skills software engineer should have

  • Emotional Intelligence

Although software engineers spend a lot of time with machines, they still should have basic empathy. They should have the capacity to understand what other individuals are experiencing at any given time. It also extends to understanding the perspective of a non-developer like a business analyst. Software engineer soft skills start and end with the fundamentals of human interactions, especially in a high-stakes environment like software development. 

  • Open-Mindedness

Typically, businesses scale on creativity and innovations, and most fail while stuck in one place because you won’t accept new ideas. For the software industry in the past decade, the waterfall method of linear development was a downright classic in software development. However, software engineers have now moved on to the Agile methodology. It serves the interests of end-users more, unlike the waterfall model could. 

  • Collaboration

Having collaboration skills goes hand in hand with having excellent communication skills. Software development is always a team sport such that even if a software engineer will walk alone, there’s still a need to communicate with project managers, designers, and customers, among other people involved. Teamwork is worth more than merely submitting work to a repository. It also implies relying on other skills so the team can move like a well-oiled machine. 

  • Adaptability

Adaptability leads to self learning. In a technological world, new widgets and tools are being developed and adopted every day. as a software engineer, ensure you stay up to date with the latest trend that could potentially optimize your final product. An adaptable software engineer utilizes a continuous learning model in everyday work and won’t be afraid of getting uncomfortable.


It may be hard to find a qualified developer but ensure you think beyond whether or not a program runs successfully. With such soft skills, you can make a difference in what software engineers like Kelvin Kissi (former Analyst at Hilton and IHS Markit (S&P Global)) can bring to the table. The difference between a good and a pro software developer lies heavily in these soft skills.