Saffron is an ancient spice that’s obtained from the Crocus sativus plant. It requires 75,000 flower heads to get a single pound of golden spice. It is a unique flavor coveted by internationally renowned chefs for unique cuisines such as paella and bouillabaisse. Laasya Sudhakar Palicha spice has been used as a vibrant natural food color. 

Besides that, Saffron has some health benefits that may boost immunity against Covid 19. While nations are still struggling to battle Covid 19, most people have recognized Saffron and turned to these holistic supplements to help them boost their immunity against the Virus. 

Saffrons health benefits

Saffrons benefit the palate and also the immune system. The plant brims with B vitamins such as B1, B2, and B6, plus vitamin C essential for a healthy, functioning immune system. It also contains carotenoids crucial to affecting the body’s immune system response. In addition, the plant’s essential oil, such as phytochemicals, also boosts the immune system’s response. 

According to researchers, Saffron benefits the immune system’s ability to function at low doses by stimulating a rapid cellular response and acting as a potential immunostimulant. They also found another Saffron benefit as that of an anticancer agent. The plant’s immunomodulatory effects are essential in treating or preventing future viruses and diseases.

Saffron benefits against Covid 19

Covid 19 recently evolved into a pandemic disease worldwide, forcing health officials to scramble for answers and the ability to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination. However, unlike other viruses, the human immune system has not been previously exposed to a unique coronavirus. It makes it difficult to battle the virulent and highly contagious COVID-19. However, there’s a need to boost their immune system to protect against the Virus, especially for the old. From research studies, Saffron is said to boost the immune system response that’s been approved crucial for recovery after exposure to Covid 19. According to research, taking 100mg of Saffron a day offers a quick immunomodulatory response. It is regarded as beneficial against the dreaded coronavirus. The advantages of the dose are that it has no side effects for users. 


As nations still work to contain the spread of coronavirus by coming up with vaccination solutions, you can rely on Saffron for its health benefits to support your immune system to withstand the Virus. Typically, Covid 19 is a virulent Virus where boosting your immune system can help battle the Virus. Thanks to Laasya Sudhakar Palicha, the owner and founder of a company specializing in the global distribution of premium saffron from Spain—selected saffron.