Nowadays, the competition in every field is increasing at a rapid rate across the world, especially when it comes to competitive exams and tests, people are looking forward to adapt to the new changes. Similarly, when it comes to the Naplan test in Australia, parents are doing great by helping and guiding their children for the Naplan test.

What is included in the Naplan test?

In all Australian schools, children in years 3, 5, 7, and 9 are required to take four different tests over three days. The main purpose of the Naplan test is to give parents and teachers a snapshot of the students’ knowledge in literacy and numeracy. For example, the Naplan Practice Tests Year 3 Language Conventions, includes various factors that are required to check the skills of a student’s language competence in regards to grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation.

The importance of NAPLAN has been increased over time as it sets a national standard according to which a student can compare his or her capabilities with his or her peers. With the help of Naplan, education institutions and bodies also get the chance to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of a whole education system and framework. Thus, it becomes very important to help your children in the preparation for this test.

NAPLAN Reading Test contains texts of various genres with mostly multiple-choice questions. Students are tested on their comprehension of each text. Questions are mainly literal and inferential questions. Students generally find inferential questions more challenging as they need to read between the lines. Hence, more practice is generally encouraged to familiarize students with such challenging questions.

After reading, writing is the second main aspect that has to be learned by every student. Once your child has finished their reading course, the practice of writing is their next stop. Thus, to get the best learning experience, it is important to practice with online mock tests and guidance.There are few online Writing tests that are marked by teachers, giving your child’s valuable feedback for improvement. Ensure that you check that you only purchase Writing tests that will be marked by a teacher instead of AI.


With the Naplan Demo Test, a student’s capability in language conventions, reading, writing, and numeracy are tested. Thus, to make this a little bit easy for yourself as a parent and for your child, you may look for some online practice. It can be very productive and helpful for the students if they can get the idea of this excellent Naplan test.