The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) conducts NAPLAN exams every year to check the writing, reading, language convention, and numeracy problem-solving ability of students  in Year 3, 5, 7, and 9. From 2023, the  NAPLAN practice tests will be held in mid-March instead of May. So what are you waiting for? Start preparing your child to help them achieve the highest possible grade in the class. 

Test Champs provide the most precise practice tests to help your children score in the NAPLAN exams. Our practice tests are curated and written by professional and hardworking teachers. These practice tests follow the same format as the real NAPLAN exam. With these practice tests, your child will be equipped with all the essential aspects of NAPLAN exams, and you will get the most precise NAPLAN practice tests for Year 3, 5, 7, and 9.

Our NAPLAN Practice Tests Help Your Child To Prepare For: 

  • Reading Comprehension: Students develop language and literacy skills in English learning and then apply these skills across a wide range of learning areas. The NAPLAN reading tests are developed by following the Australian Curriculum and evaluate literacy proficiency across English learning. Our NAPLAN practice tests allow parents to track their child’s reading ability.
  • Writing: The  NAPLAN tests a child’s ability in narrative and persuasive writing. Test Champs offer NAPLAN-style narrative and persuasive writing tests under timed conditions. Get the practice tests now at and improve your child’s writing skills to help them score better in NAPLAN. 
  • Language Conventions: The language conventions tests evaluate  spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Literacy knowledge and skills are required for effective communication in all areas of learning. However, language tools, including language conventions, are explicitly developed in the English learning area. The content assessed in the practice tests is aligned with the Australian Curriculum. Our NAPLAN practice tests focus on the use and understanding of standard Australian English for the development of reading and writing.     
  • Numeracy:  Math is an interesting subject, but some students are afraid of it. Use our practice test and make your child a pro in solving maths problems. The NAPLAN numeracy tests measure the accomplishment of students in numeracy, including mathematical knowledge, understanding, and problem-solving skills.

The level and content for Years 3, 5, 7, and 9 NAPLAN exam questions are different. You can check the different practice tests available on Test Champs and start preparing your child.

How Our NAPLAN Practice Tests Can Help Your Child? 

Enhancing your child’s time management skills is essential. The more questions your child can answer in the allotted time, the better their chances of getting a high score. At the end of each practice test, you can evaluate your child’s time management skills based on how many questions (if any) remain to be completed. If there are only a few questions left, it may only take a few minor changes to make up the time required to complete the entire paper. Similarly, if your child completes each practice paper with plenty of time to spare, they might not be answering each question to their full potential. They should use their extra time to double-check their answers.  

Our  practice tests also help parents to spot the weak points or the knowledge gaps in their children. Parents may assume that their child has all the knowledge to perform well in their NAPLAN exams. In reality, most students have weaknesses. With the help of NAPLAN practice test papers, you can identify and improve your child’s weak spots.