Laundry balls are marking their presence in the washing industry. Washer laundry balls clean your laundry without using detergent. Unlike any other product that gets launched laundry balls established its place very well by delivering what it promises. It is a refined, hypo-allergic way of washing clothes which is soft for the most sensitive skin.

Laundry balls have widely substituted detergents with their effective washing or rigid stains. They are of different kinds but share similarity on functional levels. There are various reasons you would want to use a washing laundry ball but the best of all is it works on almost “All fabrics” and is super easy to use.
These washer fairy balls are a must to have when doing laundry, they have no chemicals and gives even better results than a detergent.

Here are some quality features which will make you ditch your detergent:

• Eco- Friendly: They are all-natural and organic as they are completely chemical-free and do not contain any hazardous substance for human skin.
• Flexible: They are effective on all kinds of fabrics and machines.
• Energy Conserver: They turn down build up in your washing machine if you choose to wash your clothes in cold water. Usually washing your clothes uses heating up of water and it can actually save you so much energy.
• Long-Lasting- A single set of laundry ball can actually last until 2-5 years and this obviously also depends upon the fact how much laundry is done in a week. A laundry ball can carry up to 1000 washes.
• Delicate wash: They are a great alternative because of their antibacterial feature and leave almost no residue on clothing.
• User-friendly and Simple: They are easy to use and don’t create a mess. Just toss the round plastic balls and forget about any hassles.
• Durable: Washer fairy balls are reusable and it makes them a cost-effective and convenient choice. It does not require regular refills and you can use them again and again.


Laundry balls are extremely handy, safe and easy to use. All it requires is a quick glance on the steps of using and you are good to go!

  1. Always follow the instructions given on fabric care. Make sure you separate your colors and whites to avoid any kind of spill.
  2. Make sure you look out for the rigid stains and pre-treat them before a wash.
  3. Carefully place the laundry stock together with the washer ball inside the washing machine.
  4. Position it to wash with cold water and it is advised not to use hot water since it can be damaged the device and reduce the durability of the ball.
  5. After following the above-mentioned steps you can start the wash.

Important Tips for Using Laundry Balls

Laundry balls are safe to use and are no match to any detergent. However, you need to keep the washer balls well maintained.

• Remember Drying them – The laundry balls should be properly dried out and as suggested by some manufacturers it is advised to keep them in direct sunlight.
• When to Replace-Laundry balls are effective until 1000 uses and it is evident when they have lost charm. Make sure to not overuse them as that could lead to leaving your clothes untidy.

Innovative washer laundry balls meet all environmental criteria. In case you are looking for a recommendation which is great value for your clothes Washer Fairy Balls is definitely the right choice. Remember, they are not only smooth for your clothes but also goes easy on your pocket.