An American record producer and musician, Josh Homme is best known as the only continuous member and founder of the rock band Queens of the Stone Age that he formed in 1996. He plays guitar and sings lead vocals in the band, besides occasionally playing drums, piano, and bass. Josh Homme was also the co-founder of the band Eagles of Death Metal which was formed in 1998.

Born in May 1973, Joshua Michael Homme is the son of Michael and Irene Homme. His father built the houses in Coachella Valley and worked as a private general contractor. He also has an older brother named Jason. It is believed that his surname is originated from the Norwegian village of Homme. 

Homme formed Queens of the Stone Age in 1996 after the dissolution of his previous and first band, Kyuss. The band QOTSA was inspired by his earlier band and built a unique, innovative heavy rock and riff-oriented music style. In 1998, the band released their debut album and their sophomore in 2000, ‘Rated R.’ After that, the brand achieved new heights of popularity by breaking into the mainstream rock scene in America with their album ‘Song OF The Dead.’ It generated radio hits like ‘Go with the Flow’ and ‘No One Knows’ and was also acclaimed for featuring Dave Grohl, a former Nirvana member. 

Ever since Josh and the band have released numerous albums, they have been featured in the top-20 of Billboard 200. In addition, Homme has created albums and music with other bands such as Them Crooked Vultures, Kyuss, and Eagles of Death Metal. 

Homme made a name for himself as a producer as well. Among his most famous works as an album producer was the ‘Humbug’ by Arctic Monkeys.

The net worth of Josh Homme as of 2021 is estimated to be approximately $10 million. He spends some of his money on real estate. Many of his fans are unaware that he still has the first car he bought when he was a teenager. It’s not only that he owns it but still takes it out for a ride sometimes. Though he also owns other luxury cars but doesn’t spend too much like other rock stars. Homme has a home in Hollywood hills. Besides, he also owns a home in Palm Desert, California, where he was born and raised. 

Some of the best highlights of Josh Homme’s career include I Sat By the Beach (Song, 2013), Mantra (Song, 2013), New Fang (Song, 2009), No One Knows (Song, 2002), Rated R (Album, 2000), and Cruel World (Song, 2019). 

As for now, you have a clear idea about the net worth of Josh Homme and how he achieved success. Let’s talk about some of the lessons that you can learn from him. Homme believes in a ‘no rules’ approach when it comes to music. He believes music is the only thing that doesn’t require any rules and should be created freely, letting all your creative juices flow in all directions. And for Josh, one of the coolest things is to vanish for some time to get peace of mind as it will refresh you and help you re-emerge.