Whoever said you can’t learn Spanish in South America while traveling is wrong. At Ailola Quito, we’ve been tackling this problem for over a decade with our innovative travel class design. We offer a variety of exciting tours that will take you across South America, from the Andes to the Amazon to the Galapagos Islands. Find the mobile learning center you are looking for in Ecuador now!

If you’re going away, why take us? Trying to find the best Spanish language school? At Ailola Quito, we don’t like to shut ourselves up, but you can hear us say that we are the best language school in Ecuador. In fact, why not try?

We are the only institution in all of Ecuador that offers annual scholarships. The best Spanish language schools in Ecuador should be everywhere in the country. We are ahead of the game by having seven different places where you can study Spanish, including permanent schools in Otavalo and Quito, our class program on trips to the Amazon rainforest, and the Ecuadorian hacienda style. The best part is that you are not alone in one place.

Learn Spanish in a unique Galapagos setting

Where to travel with Ailola Quito? You will find us among the giant turtles that have lived on the shores of Galapagos Island for almost a century. Yes! In this beautiful water park that is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Spanish language school is the only one that offers courses in Ecuador. Sign up for a course in the Galapagos now!

A good and comfortable establishment during the reign in the heart of Quito

We could be forgiven for being envious of our prime location in Quito’s historic district. But because we believe in sharing and caring, we welcome students from all over the world to study Spanish at our school in Quito, located in a historic building. We are located in the heart of Quito, just 2 minutes walk from the Plaza de Teatro tram and surrounded by beautiful churches and gardens, which make up the historical heart of the city, which is on the list of heritage sites in the world. UNESCO.

A one-of-a-kind volunteer opportunity

Considering that the best school in Quito already exists, what can make it better? Community service, of course! The Ecuadorian Volunteer Agency has been helping volunteers for over 25 years now, and we are committed to helping you achieve your volunteer goals anywhere in our beautiful country, from the Amazon to and the ruins of Quito. Ailola Quito adds a new NGO link to our large network of contacts. Learn more by contacting us now!

Total dedication to customer satisfaction

Want the best value? Need results in Spanish? At Ailola Quito, we focus only on you and your success. We can offer personalized service with a dedicated 24-hour hotline, full-time staff and a focus on customer satisfaction. In addition to our extensive Spanish offerings and exchanges, we provide assistance with visas, volunteer placements, and legal and medical issues.

Do you need the best teachers in Ecuador for your top school? When you arrive, you can expect more than just a warm greeting from our Ailola Quito department. If you take Spanish lessons with us, you can be sure that your skills will improve since all our teachers have degrees in Spanish language or Latin American literature. Because they are all Spanish-speaking and Ecuadorian, you will improve your Spanish skills and gain benefits.