There are several ways to promote your YouTube channel. From simply telling people to view your videos, buying views from QQTube, or trying to rank higher in YouTube search results. Having many YouTube views can open several opportunities such as marketing and sales. This piece shall discuss some of the top ways to promote your YouTube channel and increase your number of views.

1. Social media marketing

Social media sites offer you a chance to market yourself to a wide range of audiences. Having many YouTube views begins by creating an attractive and interesting profile on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest etc. The idea is to keep the people who follow you informed of new videos posted or uploaded on the YouTube channel.

2. Buy YouTube views

You can purchase many YouTube views. However, purchasing YouTube views is not easy since several companies claim to sell high-quality views. The goal is to get as many likes as possible on your video and buy real YouTube views in bulk. The more views or subscribers you have, the easier it is for you to promote your videos and get more likes and subscribers. To buy quality YouTube views, consider QQTube. QQTube is one of the best YouTube views sellers.

3. Promote using YouTube’s tools

Uploading several videos for promotion is good but not enough. It would be best if you made a commitment to advertising your videos by using some of the available tools such as alerts, annotations, call-to-action, and channel features. The use of these tools is not only to promote your videos but also to keep your audience entertained.

4. Optimize your videos

YouTube analytics allows you to analyze your video views and demographic information. You need to make sure that you optimize the best possible video for YouTube. You want your audience to watch your videos for long periods and get curious about what is being discussed in the videos. The best way to do this is by adding great graphics, entertainment and a catchy comment section at the end of your videos.

5. Write engaging titles for the videos

The title of the YouTube video is essential in getting many views. It would help make the video title as attractive and engaging as possible. For example, if you have uploaded a video on losing weight, remember to include phrases like how I lost 50 pounds in 3 weeks or lost 15 pounds in 7 days.

A good title will get many people interested in your videos.

You should also consider writing videos related to trending topics or news that people talk about to gain more views. It would be best to write engaging titles that can be described as catchy and entertaining.

Final verdict

Buying YouTube videos is one of the quickest ways to get more views. However, QQTube would help if you considered the above ways of promoting your videos and growing your YouTube channel. The best way to get views is to provide great content for people to enjoy. You want them to be able to understand the message that you are trying to put across.