Trucker’s life is not easy; they travel long, face traffic, different climates and odd conditions. It can be so stressful and restless. Truckers have no much option to relax and have no time to rest or make some fun during the journey. Only they have a handy solution, listening to songs. If you are a trucker and most of the time remains behind the wheels, you must hear the trucker songs. Have you ever listened to “Gary Gentry trucker songs”? If not, then here is the Top 10 Trucker Songs You Listen Today! 

Top 10 Trucker Songs

Mother Trucker

It is an English album that was released in 2014. Total numbers of 11 songs are there in the Mother Trucker album you can enjoy during your journey. This fantastic song was composed by the well-known and finest musician – Flatface and the Shemp-Dells. You should add this song to the trucker songs tracklist.

Coffee Jim

This song must be on your tracklist. Gary Gentry is a well-known singer who sung this amazing song which is dedicated to truckers. This song was released in 2006 from the Coffee Jim album.

The Caller

Gary Gentry is a famous singer who is especially known for its trucker songs. Another amazing song he sang is ‘The Caller’, which was released in June 2006, with duration of 05:28.

Woman in the Runaway Truck

Gary Gentry has described truckers life through their songs which have must listen by truckers once. This English song was also released in 2006 and sung by Gary Gantry from ‘Trucker Songs’. The total duration of Woman in the Runaway Truck songs is 03:23.

Bubba Got Abducted by a U.F.O.

Hearing the best songs during the journey can reduce the stress of the driver. Therefore, a trucker should always have a trucker songs tracklist to play when they feel stressed and exhausts. Bubba Got Abducted by a U.F.O. is a fantastic song every trucker should listen to. It was released in June 2006 with duration of 03:59.  


Every person has their different taste and choices of music. But it’s important to be calm and have patience during the whole journey. Gary Gentry is known for his versatility and sang trucker songs for every kind of person. The Grass-O-Line song was released in 2006.

Dream Machine

Dream Machine song was released in 2008 with the label – Laughing Hyena. If you have not listened to this song yet, you have to listen to it at the moment. After hearing this song, you would include the Dream Machine song in your tracklist.

Girl on the Billboard

Next in the queue of top 10 trucker songs is “Girl On the Billboard”. This is an English song that was released in 2012 with the duration of 02:47. Include this song in your tracklists to keep energetic and calm during a long drive.

Gas and Food Exit Off Of I-24

Trucker Songs album is a fantastic one for those who loved to hear songs during their long journey.  Gas and Food Exit Off Of I-24 was released on Jun 2006 with a total duration of 02:53.

Men with Broken Hearts

In the last at the queueof trucker songs ‘Men with Broken Hearts’ song is placed. Listen to this song once, and you will become a fan of it. It is such an amazing song sung by Gary Gentry and released in the year 2006, September. The duration of the song is 02:59

Final Words…!!!

Might be your search for best trucker songs end here. These are the top Gary Gentry trucker songs loved by all truckers; you must listen to them once.