When it comes to home decoration and renovation, floor and wall tiles are considered the unsung heroes. With an extensive range of tiles available i.e. colors, sizes, and shapes, you can pick the options that are affordable, practical, and suit your personal preferences. Tile options available in Africa can also be used for walls as well as floors. With this fact in mind, a leading vendor TRB Group Africa is providing the most amazing range of versatile, durable, impressive, and reasonably priced tiles.

Whether you want to revamp your home or plan to give a refreshing look to your office space, tiles can solve all your concerns. Before you go and explore the maintenance tips, it is good to get familiar with some other aspects. Below, we have highlighted a few. Take a look:

Why must you use tiles?

Are you searching for a décor option in Africa that is low maintenance, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and long-lasting? If yes, then tiles are the most-suited option. By having a budget-friendly range by your side, you can choose the options that can aesthetically improve your space.

With the help of tiles, a place can instantly look appealing. For example, you can use vitrified glazed tiles in the kitchen area to make it stand out. The best part of using the tiles offered by TRB Group Africa can make things easier for you.

What are the benefits of using tiles?

When you use tiles in your home, you will be provided with some benefits. First and foremost, you can enjoy versatility with these tiles. A place can easily be lifted visually with the help of the right type of tiles. 

Secondly, reasonability is yet another benefit of using tiles. If you are thinking about how, then keep on reading. When you use paint only, you will need to repaint the walls every year to keep them clean. But this is not the case with tiles. You invest in the tiles only once. After this, you will only need to pay attention to its cleaning and maintenance. This ultimately decreases the overall cost.

Ease of maintenance is one more advantage of tiles. If you are looking for something that can have a long life and come with low maintenance, then no other option is better than tiles. No matter what type of décor your space has, there will be tiles for it.

What are the different tile types?

As mentioned above, the market has many types of tiles. Some of them are high-end while others are pocket-friendly. Check the following that you can get from TRB Group Africa:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Glazed vitrified tiles
  • Stone-look tiles
  • Wooden-look tiles

How to maintain tiles in Africa?

To provide the installed tiles with a long life, you must care for them. This becomes even more important when you are living in countries i.e. Africa where hot days are longer. Here are some tips by the experts of TRB:

  • Clean regularly

Vacuum or sweep the tiles to remove debris, dust, and dirt. By doing it regularly, you can prevent scratches and several other problems. You can even ask your tile vendor i.e. TRB Group Africa about the right cleaning methods.

  • Mopping the tiles

Always use lukewarm water and detergent with the help of a mob to clean the tiles. You are suggested not to use harsh chemical-based cleaning products as they can affect the floor and its shine. 

  • Grout cleaning

The grout is nothing but the lines available between the floor or wall tiles. To clean the same, you will need to give more attention. You can scrub the same with the help of a brush. For this, you will take some water and baking soda. Again, you should not use any chemical-based cleaning substance. 

  • Avoid stains

Nobody likes stains on the floor and walls. But using the right cleaning products is necessary. Be it red wine, oil, or any other stains, you should immediately clean them as they can stay forever when neglected.

  • No more chemical-based products

The beauty can go away if you use harsh chemicals on the tiles. You can either ask the tiles vendor or simply check online about the products that should be used for tile cleaning. There are some good options that you can use i.e. detergent and warm water. This is the finest yet safest way to clean tiles without harming them.

To conclude this

Along with the points discussed in this post, there are some more easy ways to keep tiles new and shining. This includes but is not limited to the uses of doormats, regular checks for cracks, and prevention from moisture. And yes, you should pick the tiles keeping the climatic conditions of your area. If you are puzzled, then you can count on TRB Group Africa for further assistance and guidance.