The dating culture a few years back was quite different from what it is now. Everything from texting etiquette to when to get intimate contributes to the often-befuddled contemporary dating scene, which can be frustrating.

Let’s look at some of the contemporary dating’s “rules” to help you build a bit of a road map with the help of your dating coach to let you get to your goal of a happy, healthy relationship more quickly and effectively.

  1. Be yourself

Leave your representative at home on the day of your appointment. Most of the time, we are so concerned with avoiding creating a poor first impression or having them dislike us that we wind up putting on a show while we are out on a date.

By being true to yourself, you enable others to get to know the whole of you, rather than just the bits you feel comfortable displaying.

  • Do not use speech as a weapon against another person. 

There are no set guidelines by the dating coach for when or with whom you should follow up after a first date. Feel free to reach out and express appreciation or pleasure for the time you’ve had with one another.

As a method of winning a game or generally getting the upper hand, do not withhold contact or fail to follow up until a specific period of time has elapsed.

  • Being obnoxious is not attractive. 

While it is essential to have open communication, this does not imply that you should send eight messages in exchange for their one. The feeling of having many messages waiting for you before you can even respond to one is the most irritating thing a person can experience.

  • Make an investment in yourself. 

When we begin a new relationship, we find ourselves completely absorbed by it. We cease visiting our friends and doing the things that help to strengthen the foundation on which we stand.

You must maintain a completely your own life, and that provides you with support outside of a romantic relationship or other connection.

  • Go on a date just for the pleasure of it, rather than for the destination. 

Marriage and children are as much a contemporary idea as they are a traditional one, and as such, it is essential not to approach every single date as if you were interviewing a possible lifemate.

A feeling of spaciousness in the present now is just as much valued as a possible destination, resulting in a lot more pleasant, relaxed, and pleasurable dating experience.

  • Put yourself first. 

In the end, the word “rules” suggests that there is just one correct way to date, which is something the majority of individuals do not believe. Ultimately, the only certain method to guarantee that you have a good dating experience is to do what you believe is appropriate for you at each given time. 

Pause and center yourself so you can discern what your body and internal guidance system are trying to tell you to do next. Trust your internal guidance and recognize that it will be your most valuable ally in establishing healthy and long-lasting relationships.


 It’s probable that you have other dating standards set by the dating coach that you wish to adhere to base on your own cultural, spiritual, or moral views, in addition to the ones listed above.

Put in place your own set of rules and follow them so that you can be certain that your emotions will not take over and force you to make hasty choices that are not in your best interests.