Starting a business and managing it are two different things. Anybody can start a business but sustaining it is the difficult part. You need to have a clear vision of what you are expecting from your business endeavor.

It is often difficult for startups to make the right decision on their own. For doing things right, they need sound business advice. Christopher Salis is one such individual who is the man behind the success of many successful startups and businesses.

Chris Salis is an SAP specialist with decades of technical working experience and providing consultancy services to businesses to maximize growth.

Who is Christopher Salis?

Christopher Salis is a reputed professional with years of experience in the tech industry. His impeccable insights into the business and market trends help him to provide the best advice to businesses seeking effective guidance to do better in terms of growth.

In addition to providing helpful business advice, Christopher is also experienced in developing practical strategies that help businesses make the most out of the resources at their disposal.

Christopher has an in-depth understanding of technologies for streamlining business activities. According to Chris, the employees of an organization is the most important aspect that businesses need to focus on.

What is the Portfolio of Christopher Salis?

Chris Salis has a Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, US. He started working for Adecco Employment Services after completing his graduation. There, he worked as an IT procurement manager, senior IT buyer, and strategic sourcing manager.

He was responsible for controlling the selection and management process of the IT supplier base. Christopher Salis has also experience in negotiating several contracts.

After leaving Adecco Employment Services, Chris went on to work for many MNCs, that include eBay and Gap, Inc. Working for these companies provided Christopher the opportunity to develop strategies that helped these businesses make the most out of the resources available.

Next, he joined Business Objects, an SAP-based company, in 2006. Here, Chris Salis took on various roles that included Executive Director and Chief of Staff-Office of the CEO. In this organization, he was in charge of managing the operation of SAP’s Ecosystem.


Christopher Salis is an experienced professional who has several decades of experience under his belt. Throughout his career, he has worked across various roles and in various capacities.

Moreover, he has diverse experience in helping businesses unlock their maximum potential and startups make the most out of their growth opportunities.

If you’re a business looking to get helpful advice for making things better, don’t shy away from connecting with Christopher Salis, a man with multi-decade experience in developing business strategies that maximize growth.