Due to changing centuries, the world has changed its way of living due to disposable garbage like diapers or food containers or the use of plastic bags more garbage is generated. According to the reports, an average American discards around seven and a half pounds of garbage daily. 

All this garbage, all this solid waste goes to landfills, is compacted and buried. But it is not eradicated. On the contrary, it results in building pressure on the landfills and harms our resources and environment. So we can use some Eco-friendly kitchen products to put less pressure on the environment. 

Some of the Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products are listed below. 

Washable Dishcloths 

There’s an increase in the usage of paper towels to wipe the mess around the house. Whether it is used for the kitchen counter, in a bathroom, or other chores. The amount of paper waste is a lot. Because we don’t notice how much paper we waste by ripping off the roll. We can switch to Washable Dishcloths sold in packs of 5-10. These Eco-friendly kitchen products are super absorbent, easily washable and durable. They can be washed easily. 

Food Huggers.

Usually, we like to prepare in advance, and we like to keep it in bulk. Because of this reason, some of the vegetables remain untouched, and the same for the food they are not eaten on time which later results in rotten or stale food. Therefore, eco-friendly Kitchen Huggers can save a lot of your food. Again it comes in sets and is helpful for almost any food item.

Glass Bottles 

If you are planning to cut the usage of plastic bottles, you can switch to glass bottles because some don’t like carrying steel bottles everywhere. This eco-friendly kitchen product can be carried anywhere, and they are available in many shapes and sizes. In addition, you can buy silicon covers to give it a stylish look.

Reusable storage bags.

Are you aware that the fruits and vegetables you keep in plastic bags spoil faster? To keep it fresh for a long time, store it in mesh bags. These eco-friendly kitchen products have an airflow that will prevent condensation, which will help to stay fresh for a longer time. Also, you will be responsible for saving a lot of plastic that won’t be recycled.

Washable Sponges.

Dump all the plastic sponge stock available at your house. Instead, use a washable sponge with 100% terry cotton and the polyester mesh on the other side. Inside this flannel, there is 100% cotton inside. This is your new companion for dishwashing.

Silicone Food Storage Bag.

Tired of carrying cardboard boxes or plastic bags with you to store your food. Why not switch to Silicone Bags. Eco-friendly kitchen products are made affordable, plus they look stylish when you carry them. In addition, you don’t need to put much effort into cleaning them. They are super-easy to clean and even dishwasher safe. They are the alternative to Ziploc bags. 

House Cleaners. 

To clean the kitchen and the house, we use numerous harmful products. So to save the environment, we can use vinegar, baking soda, tea tree and water.