Admitting the fact that one is in a financial crisis is tough and deciding whether to file bankruptcy or not can be even harder. The process of filing bankruptcy can be heartbreaking and mystifying for the debtors. So, it is very important to find a law firm that understands the unique case and works with clients to find the best solutions for their situation.

In Denver, bankruptcy law attorneys and firms have decades of experience in dealing with all kinds of cases. However, there are several other practices known as ‘bankruptcy mills’ which are the firms that provide high volume bankruptcy filings without offering quality legal services to the clients.

What is Bankruptcy Mill?

These are the companies that look after a large number of bankruptcy cases and often cut corners, failing to help the clients in achieving the financial fresh start they are looking for. Unlike, effective time-tested bankruptcy law practices, bankruptcy mills:

  • Commonly rely on poorly supervised non-attorney staff to handle clients’ sensitive and important financial issues;
  • Rarely have experienced lawyers seeing such staff;
  • Inhabit of cutting corners both ethically and substantively;
  • Tend to advertise aggressively on radio, televisions, Internet by offering rates that seem too good to be true;
  • Routinely bungle debtor’s bankruptcy cases, disobey court deadlines pushing the clients more into the financial trouble than they were before working with these immoral financial institutions.

Usually, these kinds of firms have been reprimanded by the court on more than one occasion.

What are the signs of Bankruptcy Mill?

Unfortunately, more bankruptcy mills are popping increasing the problems of unaware debtors who falling prey to these businesses. The common signs of the bankruptcy mills which customers should be aware of are:

  • The Attorney does not attend the 341 meeting of the creditors. Not only the attorney assigned with case never speaks to or meets the clients even once but also the debtors are sent by these firms to attend the creditors meeting all alone. Every time the non-law staff would be seen dealing with the clients.
  • The firm brags about a large number of cases it deals with. The bankruptcy mills have a large number of cases to file every month which shows they have much less attention to pay to clients. They follow the one size fits all approach is used by them. The firm may claim that a large number of cases indicate their success but is an indication of their success, but it is obvious that every client is treated another cog in the wheel of bankruptcy factory.
  • The firm would be seen with a high turnover of staff. It is a big red flag if the firm regularly seen with new employees.  A bankruptcy mill often treats its employees as its clients, just another number. If a firm treats its employees poorly, then the expectation for clients can’t be high for the services.
  • A mill will always advocate for the filing of bankruptcy. At times, it’s possible that the client comes to see the attorney and has more attractive options other than bankruptcy. A good bankruptcy attorney knows all the alternate options and guides the clients in the right direction, which is best for them, unlike such fraudulent firms.   

Why shouldn’t work with bankruptcy mills?

Of course, the client is free to give the case to any law practice firm. However, clients experience a plethora of frustrations and delays caused by working with such mills which may have been easily avoided if the client chose to work with a different law firm.

Due to the huge number of bankruptcy cases style of the bankruptcy mills, typical clients fail to receive the personalized attention deserved by their case. Bankruptcy is a complicated case and if the attorney is not keeping an eye on the case, the client may miss out on many important benefits.

Additionally, high reliance on the administrative support staff such as receptionists, law clerks, paralegals, secretaries to process the case and interact with the client may lead to mistakes in the petition paperwork which ultimately results in more financial damage or delays.


Seeing the complexity and sensitivity of the bankruptcy, it is always better to consult a Denver bankruptcy attorney with a reputation for providing quality legal services and should be able to lessen the stress by answering all queries quickly. Besides the attorney should be available throughout the process and able to offer a clear road map to the fresh financial journey.