You are mistaken if you still think hula hooping is no longer just a middle-school recess activity. with advancements in technology, video sharing apps have made hula hoopers repeatedly go viral. While hola hooping tends to be mesmerizing to watch, it’s also an effective workout. According to Infinity Hoop, hula hooping is a form of low-intensity, steady-state cardio. The addition of a weighted hoop increases resistance, which in turn makes your muscles work even harder for the duration of your workout. If you are bored with your routine workout, don’t hesitate to give the hula hoop a shot. 

Why Is Hula Hooping a Good Workout

Hula hooping is a fun workout exercise. However, you might not know how challenging it can be if you haven’t tried it while still a kid. With that said, here are the benefits of this childhood pastime. 

  • Builds Core Strength

If you start hola hoping, you may not have much success if you don’t keep on exercising. It’s a workout that requires strong movement around the hips and waist, not to let the hula hoop fall off. maintaining a consistent hula workout helps you build strong abdominal muscles and obliques. You’ll feel more challenged to your core and have an increased calorie burn.

  • Burns Body Fat

The continuous coordination and low-impact nature of hula hooping lead to a slow burn after just a few minutes. It makes it the perfect environment to melt some belly fat. It also decreases abdominal fat while simultaneously building core muscles for a toned and strong midsection.

  • Improves Your  Posture

Spending most of the day sitting makes it difficult to maintain a posture. Hola hooping will help you in such a case. When you hola hoop, your whole body must be turned on and working as a unit to keep the hoop moving. The small underworked muscles of your upper back, core, glutes, and legs will fire up. It will, in turn, give you better posture.

How to Use a Weighted Hula Hoop Effectively

Here are some the tips from Infinity hoop experts before making a weighted hula hoop part of your workout routine

  • Take some basic precautions.
  • Always warm-up
  • Find your form; being in good form will help you prevent injury
  • Stick with it.


Infinity Hoop bring you incredible hula hoops and a guide on using them effectively, making it a great fitness exercise workout. Start by hooping for 5-minute intervals, then increase your workout in 5-minute increments until you hoop for 20-30 minutes. Ensure you work according to the stipulated time for effectiveness and best results. You also Read the Infinity Hoop Reviews in the given links.