Massive vehicles that transport goods in large quantities are crucial for large companies like 18 wheelers trucks that help transport goods from one place to another. But due to its sheer size and speed, it has its inherent risks. 

Their enormous size and weight can make basic driving difficult on the highway. There are many safety procedures to be followed by 18-wheeler drivers, but when they don’t follow the basic rules, it causes fatal accidents that may even lead to death. 

During the procedure for an insurance claim and paperwork, an 18-wheeler accident attorney comes to assist the victims in claiming compensation against the negligence of the heavy haul vehicle companies. 

Reasons why 18 wheelers are dangerous:

  • The average commercial car weighs 1.5 tons, but the 18 wheelers are 27 times heavier than your average car. With a combination of both speed of 60mph and its weight, a mishap can be a disastrous one. 
  • Larger vehicles need more distance making a stop. In an ideal condition, it takes around 525ft to stop and have to deal with the brakes, so sometimes the lag time between the brakes and the brakes applied can get missed and cause accidents. 
  • Due to the truck’s weight and height, drivers have difficulty spotting the smaller vehicles. It becomes dangerous when the large trucks fail to check the blind spot. 
  • Large vehicles carry hazardous material that includes flammable, explosive, poisonous, and radioactive material. That can cause damage to people and the environment if accidents occur. 
  • 18 wheelers include transporting raw material, industrial tools, or even vehicle parts in an open flatbed. If they are not secured, loose debris may cause accidents.
  • The above reasons determine the many risks when driving an 18-wheeler. Negligence can cause accidents. If the other party’s ignorance is the reason behind the accident, you have the right to seek help from an 18-wheeler accident attorney.

Causes for 18-wheeler accidents:

Often accidents have many factors behind them. It doesn’t mean the driver may not always be the prime factor contributing to the accidents.

  1. Inexperienced driver:

Drivers are required to pass the exam to get their commercial driver’s license and go through extensive training, especially the four-wheelers. Companies who hire them should be careful when taking details during their recruitment. Fraud licenses can aid in the increase in inexperienced drivers on the road. 

  1. Distraction while driving:

Distraction is the leading cause of accidents occurring on the road. Distraction has many forms in drivers, including texting, food, and drinks, smoking, and glancing outside. A momentary distraction is all it takes for a casualty to happen for an 18-wheeler. 

  1. Weariness in driver:

Truck drivers have to be on the road for many hours under harsh conditions. Therefore, falling asleep on the road may cause driving a large vehicle to go berserk making it dangerous for the other vehicles.  

  1. Poor maintenance:

Transportation service companies can overlook the maintenance of their vehicles to save costs. Accidents due to improper maintenance like faulty brakes or worn-out tires can create havoc on the road. Safety inspection of brakes, fuel systems, lights, tires, etc., should be undergone regularly. 

  1. Weather condition:

Drivers are often pressured to meet the delivery on time. As a result, they choose to travel in harsh conditions increasing the risk of accidents by 18-wheelers.

How an 18-wheeler accident law firm works:

An 18-wheeler accident attorney can help you through:

  • By determining the fault in the accident that is caused by. A lawyer will help identify the negligence of the parties that help build the case.
  • The lawyer will help in recovering the compensation due to the 18-wheeler.
  • The attorney will help you in negotiating with the insurance company by understanding their tactics and how to deal with them.


18-wheeler accidents law firm help in recover the compensation you deserve. An experienced law firm will be the right decision when you are the victim due to the drivers’ negligence. A lawyer can advise on the best path to put forward in this decision.