Typically, designing is a way of gathering ideas using core values and techniques to implement and coordinate them. It’s a similar process for website design where the whole purpose is to display content on pages that customers can access online through a web browser. 

While taking on web design, Oliver Wood PWD runs a Perth web design- one of Perth’s best web design and marketing companies, working for the past five years. It has generally contributed much to web design by continuously applying various methods and techniques to help in improving web planning duration. Let’s check on the principal core components in web design by Oliver Wood PWD.

  • Content

Content plays a vital role in SEO, and it’s the main reason people visit sites. It will help if you put much effort into creating first-class content, which will make your website stable. Here you can implement HD images and videos related to the information posted, and it will help you sustain your visitors for the long term.

  • Usability

Your website should be easy to use, intuitive, accessible, and mobile. The end-user will not notice good usability, but poor usability is immediately apparent. It means users should know where they are onsite and still find where they want to go. It should grant access to every page they need without seeing the whole page. Also, your website should try to anticipate what your visitors think and help them meet their needs with the least effort.

  • Aesthetics

These days, it is essential to have a visually impressive website on all devices while maintaining your brand’s image. Your Site should precisely reflect your business and visually connect with your audience. visual appeal contributes to your brand awareness and credibility.

  • Visibility

you may have a friendly and user-friendly site but still, fall if not found. Visibility through digital marketing campaigns, including social media, email marketing, and seo, is essential for your Site’s success. But have a clear understanding of finding what platforms to target and how to use the content.

  • Interaction

For successful SEO operations, your Site should engage, attract your audience’s attention,  direct them to phases of the Site and engage them to contact you. Your Site needs to generate leads to increase sales, grow your business, and ensure that your website communicates with your visitors in the right way.


According to Oliver Wood PWD, it’s a generic term that defines the entire process of building a site when it comes to web development. He effectively understands how to create a personality from web design and digital marketing perspectives in today’s modern world.