People seek out fun activities to spend their free time and build physical fitness. Some of these activities are good to relax your mind and body. Gardening is one such example. You can opt for outdoor or indoor gardening depending on the availability of space in your backyard or your living area. Apart from these health benefits, there are several other advantages to carrying out the activity of gardening as a hobby.

Gardening involves the right selection of plants that you wish to grow in your gardens. It requires some research at your end and engages your mind in creative activities like reading and socializing with friends having similar interests. It promotes engaging with gardening clubs and motivates interesting conversations. Also, you may need to go to the plant store to purchase the type of plants you wish to grow. This involves physical activity for all adults as well as elderly people. Regular activity of a few hours is recommended by medical professionals to keep your heart healthy and get rid of any blood pressure diseases. Picking up tools like shovels and rakes to plow the soil and fill it with seeds provides flexibility and movement in your hands and keeps you active.

Planting your favorite flowers and vegetables allow you to stay in the fresh air and refresh your senses. Your body gets a chance to stay in the sunshine and receive the required amount of vitamin D. Gardening can act as a meditating technique and allow your mind to forget all the worries of the daily routine. It helps you focus on the hobby that will give you beautiful flowers and edible vegetables in the future. You can feed your family with organic food without stressing about the artificial preservatives added by the manufacturers outside. Plants such as lettuce and spinach are easy to grow and are low maintenance. So, it is recommended by seasoned gardeners to start a gardening hobby by growing these plants in your backyard or living areas.

Now, you would like to know the pre-requisites that you should consider before buying your desired plants. One of the factors to consider is the location of your garden. You may want to divide the area in your garden and identify these spots as sunny and shaded areas. Sunny areas can help to grow plants that require long hours of sunshine. Whereas shaded areas can be used to grow plants that require less sunshine and may die in hot weather. Make sure your garden has soil rich in nutrients. Adding too much or too little fertilizers can ruin your plant’s health thereby making your gardening experience a failure. Also, consider the size of grown plants and not the seedlings. Because seedlings may take very little space but plants like money plants may grow very big and take up a lot of space than imagines. When choosing edible plants, take into consideration the type of food your family eats. Do not overplant and make gardening a tough task to handle. Choose the appropriate plants and keep the number of plants grown within the controlled limit.

Author: David Sechovicz I am a horticulture and gardening hobbyist. My immense love and affection for the beauty of nature excites me.

For a nature lover like me, maintaining the beauty of gardens and other natural avenues is my way to appreciate and give back to nature. Gardening, despite sounding like a simple recreation, is a lot more than that. Managing and maintaining the ever growing greenery requires a lot of chemical, biological and applied horticulture science. As a hobbyist gardener I have extensive gardening-related knowledge including indoor and outdoor plants and orchids.