Sara Wallace is one of the most popular personalities and dignified Executive Producer at SMUGGLER London. With a professional approach towards launching new talent onto the roster, she oversees all the creative output, pan Asia and Europe.  

Sara’s life has been one big rollercoaster ride. In this ride, she has seen a tremendous amount of success. Earlier, she used to work with one of the biggest companies in the market, but time has changed by not her professional approach towards business, Now that she is a successful entrepreneur, Her corporate life also went really interesting. 

While living for four (4) consecutive years in New York, she worked for Drogo5 and Mother( advertising agency), which are extremely huge companies. While working with them she produced quality films and multiple live events, including a number of giant live events for celebrity artists like Beyoncé. The live- event with her went a huge success, and as the event happened on the behalf of the united nation, there was a huge gathering of multi-billionaires, big artists, and powerful leaders including the supreme American attorney, Mrs. Michael Obama. The event took place in the General Hall of Assembly and the limelight she conquered there was amusingly bright, As it opened so many new gates of opportunities for her as well. 

Hereby, she also earned an MTV Video Music Award (VMA) nomination and generated a handsome amount of money which was over  £100M in charity pledges.

The New York experience went a supreme turning point in her life. After returning back to London.

Meanwhile, after she returned back to London, Sara immediately went to work on her new project after a big hustle, and with sheer dedication, she produced Guinness’ “Sapeurs” campaign at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. This golden campaign of film advertising happened to be one of the most prestigious film campaigns conducted worldwide. Before joining hands with SMUGGLER, she started her very own journey in the entrepreneurship field and started up her fashion advertising agency Anybody of Work, where she started to produce quality work for Julien McDonald and Balmain. It was the time when Sara started to work with SMUGGLER Which turned out to be very beneficial for her and for the growth of the company as well. By providing ‘A-Class’ work and also bringing new talent on the list, Sara is one of the main board members of an East London-based Charity Arts Centre- ‘Rich Mix’. Sara Wallace’s creativity and professional approach to deal and completing her work are highly recognized and appreciated by many. The best part is that she devotes so much of her time to the promotion and inspiring culture with her charity pledges. 

Sara Wallace| About SMUGGLER 

With a keen excitement, Sara speaks her hearty reviews about SMUGGLER. Says: SMUGGLER is a great production firm specialising in films, advertisements, theatere and music videos. Having its beautiful headquarters in London, Los Angeles, New York, and Los Angeles, the company is having a proven track record of creating stories that inspirit and profoundly resonate. They are immensely a world-class level of production firm and have unmasked a rain of Top of the chart, award-winning directors, and production experts including her (she advisedly counted herself as well). 

Sara Wallace’s Availability 

If you are a renowned business and are considering hiring a media producer, you should definitely contact Sara Wallace’s team of managers so that they can fix a meeting up. Sara is one of the most successful media producers and is highly recognized and is a personality to be aware of. Her hard work, creativity, and passion for her work speak for themselves. With the motive of learning new things, she can be an excellent team player. 

Her biggest achievement 

She’s an award winner for the 2020 PHNX Tribute, which sets her apart from her rare compeers.